25 July 2014


I feel like everyday my kids are holding a new right answer to all their woes and it's my job to figure out what it is. So the very day I posted that routines were the solution? - I tested my schedule for a full week before I said anything - but that very day I talked about it, suddenly it failed. Abigail was back to her terrible threes despite all the attention she was getting. So this week I tried to get back out. I booked plans for Tuesday-Thursday. Not being home seemed to help a lot, even if I was just wearing Abigail in the Ergo and doing all the physical exercise myself as we met up with a friend for ice cream.

So since my life is crazy no matter what I do, I'm trying to change me. I'm a quiet yet high-strung kind of person, but I'm striving to be calmer. Not only will the stress-reduction be good for my heart, but I think a calm mother will make for a better environment for my girls to grow up in.

My relaxation techniques include asking God for help, imaging someone who's calm when I'm stressed, and saying repetitive prayers (a Rosary, the Divine Mercy) during my afternoon prayer time. I'd love to get in some meditation, but we'll see once Eleanor is okay with being out of my arms a little bit more.

And now for your viewing...pleasure? My toddler singing "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs. "Make the neighbors cringe" is the only volume level she has when it comes to this song no matter what I do.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

I've been focusing on being a more calm mother as well. It's hard, but I need to try super hard not to let outside stresses get to me, and affect the way I interact with my kids. I've been trying to do lots of prayer...even just short quick prayers for patience and short prayers to Mary when I feel myself starting to get anxious and uptight.

I've also started keeping a bottle of lavender essential oil nearby...sometimes just a whiff of that helps me.

I've never been super good with schedules. We do have a routine..but it is more about the flow of the day and not the time on the clock. Having a routine helps a lot..but summers are hard (at least for us) because things are always changing...it's not like during the school year when things are more "set."

I find that getting out the house regularly makes a huge difference for us as well. Just the change of scenary and change of pace is so important.

That video is adorable!