12 June 2014

When things go right

I did it. I successfully managed to take both kids somewhere by myself.

I think it's good for the morale to get a home run every once in a while.

Caveat: our excursions were only Level 1 adventures. We met up with some friends at a park and then went on a lunch date with Daddy. I ramped up my offense by practicing by taking walks during the afternoon. I practiced all sorts of plays: wearing Eleanor, pushing Abigail (not the best choice for burning toddler energy, which we need to do since we don't have a backyard for romping); pushing Eleanor, Abigail in a harness (she hates the harness); wearing Eleanor, letting Abigail go free. The last option makes the girls the happiest, but takes the most energy on my part.

I also walked the girls up to the library once - that was a bit of a disaster. I wore Eleanor in the Ergo (which she doesn't particularly like...yet) and pushed Abigail in the stroller (the library is a bit far for her toddler legs) but the library isn't very stroller friendly, so I did have to release the Kraken when we arrived. She behaved a little less than ideal. BUT, today went quite well! I wore Eleanor in the sling, which she doesn't mind, and I was able to keep an eye on Abigail and still carry on a conversation in between escorting Abigail down from the playscape (the girl's a cat: she can go up, but can't come back down). When Eleanor got hungry, I nursed her while Abigail had a snack. It was, dare I say? Easy! Everything went smoothly! Everybody was happy!

Afterward we met up with Matt for lunch - an obvious softball. He works downtown - read: lots of exciting people and cars to watch - so we scored a window booth at a sandwich shop and handed Abigail a bag of chips. After spending most of the morning asleep in the sling, Eleanor had a quick bite and was then content to sit in her car seat and look at me. It was like we didn't even have kids. Matt and I had legitimate conversations. The various aspects of my lunch were the appropriate temperature.

It was so encouraging to be able to participate in society like a normal person with my two small children in tow. And I needed it too because yesterday, oh goodness, yesterday was a level 7 on the 1-10 pain scale of parenting.

I'm hoping today's awesomeness spills over to tomorrow: I'm taking both girls to their wellness visits by myself tomorrow.

I have no photos of today - didn't have the expertise to juggle the camera on our first "real" trip out. So here's a Throwback Thursday photo instead. Naples, Florida, February 2012. I don't miss the heat and humidity in June, but I sure do miss that beach.

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