01 June 2014

The Memoirs

I believe the week or so before Eleanor was born, I said that I would update everyone on my memoirs the following week and never did. My apologies. Better late than never?

To-do list:
-Do one final read-through of the manuscript.
-Contact the two people I know with hands in the publishing world and see what sort of networks I can tap.
-Submit to publishers who accept manuscripts directly from authors.

Each publisher wants a very specific packet with a fancy cover letter and it's all very time consuming to create. I am going to reach out to the people I know with hands in the publishing world before I get too far down the rabbit hole, but there is one company in particular I want to submit to first. They publish exactly the sort of thing I'm writing and they're looking for submissions. I was attempting to get a packet off before Eleanor was born, but alas, that did not happen. I did, however, get a good start on it and have been working diligently these last few days as she sleeps in my lap when Abigail is napping or down for the night. I just finished a rough draft of the packet (and was inspired to blog about it). I'm going to obsess over every word, every sentence placement, every detail on the entire thing as much as possible as we're striving for perfection here. My goal is to submit it by the end of the month.

Progress here, people, progress.

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