30 June 2014

Summer Days

Every morning at 6am, Eleanor gets the snuggles. As in, she wants some. No matter when she last ate, she always gets a little fussy at 6am. She's not hungry, she just wants to be in bed with me. I pull her in and we both fall back asleep. Matt gets up at 6:30 with Abigail, makes his lunch, eats breakfast; I roll over onto his half of the bed. He wakes me up at about 7:30 and I get up, leaving Eleanor on my side of the bed. And there she sleeps for another 30-60 minutes; a little 10lb baby in a queen-size bed, the cotton sheet pulled up to her waist. It's really cute; I gotta get a picture before she trades this stage in for a new one. It's kind of a nice gig, actually, this little phase, because it means I get a couple of minutes to get myself fed, get Abigail dressed and ready for the day, and maybe even get myself freshened up.

I'm sorry blog posts have slipped in quantity and quality. Two kids keeps a girl busy. I've also been making a point to get out of the apartment a few days a week - playdates, trips to Grandma's house, evening runs by myself. I'm normally a devout introvert, but getting out does a damn good job of keeping the PPD at bay and Abigail is much more pleasant to be around when she doesn't have all that pent up energy.

Although I haven't been blogging, I've been trying to take lots of pictures. These here typically developing newborns grow fast and I want to capture the progress of these chubby cheeks so I can look back and remember when I'm old and grey.

We found a picture of my maternal grandmother when she was about 12-18 months the other day and nearly mistook it for Eleanor. The nose, lips, cheeks, dark hair. All my grandma's. My sister-in-law's mother (not sure she's anything to me technically) noted that dark hair and light complexion are a mark of the Irish. My grandma's dad's family was Irish. It's all making sense.

Summer means evening pajama walks before bed. I know some parts of the country are experience record warm springs and summers, but up here in Michigan, we've got a slightly below average summer going on. After three years in Florida, it makes me practically giddy to enjoy a slightly below average summer.

Abigail at 2.5 months and 3 years in the same swing (it's covered in a blanket in the left photo). My how they grow. The funny thing is that Abigail is so light that she's still under the weight limit for most newborn gear. At 24.5 lbs, she's even light enough for most bassinets.

Poor Cat is still a bit neurotic since we had to put down Puff Puff. She just walks around the apartment meowdeling (a meow-yodel).

I told Abigail we had to flash peace signs in the photo because that's what all the cool cats do nowadays, but she kept seeing my "two" and saying, "three." Cause she's three. It was pretty cute.

So I flashed a "three" and it made her pretty happy.

Oh goodness. Fun post coming this week, one that explores my experience with a typically developing vs. special needs newborn.

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