26 June 2014

Rain Cloud

So in keeping with this morning's post, we went out to a free "splash pad" (water park for little kids). We spent all morning running around, getting wet, being cold because somehow it's low 70s in June, chatting with other moms, enjoying ourselves, and wearing out a certain three-year-old. When we got back in the car, plentifully exhausted, I had a voicemail from Abigail's pediatrician. We need to come in tomorrow to discuss her x-ray and blood work results. Her spine and her thyroid are causing problems. Seriously? Can the poor girl not get a break? She's freakin' three. I suspect I know what we'll discuss in tomorrow's appointment and it's probably going to rule out equine therapy for the rest of Abigail's life. Don't tell her spine, but I let her ride on a horse earlier this spring at my mother-in-law's. She loved it : ( Prayers, prayers, prayers, please!

In less depressing news, when we got home from the playdate, Abigail ate an entire grilled cheese, a few chips, a cookie, and went down for her nap without complaint. Score two for mommy.


Katy said...

Thinking of you!

I still can't believe how much Abigail looks like you. She's really growing up to be your little mini-me. :)

Anonymous said...

Prayers, for sure!

I always loved the splash pad park down in FL, within walking distance of our on campus living. TB