15 June 2014

Father's Day Baptism

Eleanor was about two days old and we needed a couple of things. We were still respecting the whole "don't carry heavy things" instructions from the doctor (does anyone actually avoid heavy things for the full six weeks?). I was going to shirk the rules to help on the rainy, dreary day, but before I could blink, Matt had both kids in his arms and was headed toward the entrance. My heart swelled with love. It is truly incredible how much more you love your man when you watch him care for your children. Happy Father's Day, Babe.

What else do we like to do on Father's Day around here? Have Baptisms.

Father's Day wasn't our first choice, but if we wanted the priest to do the baptizing (as opposed to the deacon), we would be having the Baptism on the third Sunday of the month. Period. So we did. The bonus of a Priest Baptism is that it was held during the Mass in front of a large, clapping congregation, instead of rows of empty pews. Eleanor didn't cry, which, considering what a crier she is, is pretty shocking.

Later my mother-in-law noted to me: "She wakes up a lot when she's not nursing."

Yes, yes she does.

It was a great Baptism though, with lots of family and friends packed into the reserved pews up front, and a church full of people we've fallen in love with all smiling as we streamed to the baptismal font and back.

And you know it's a good Catholic Baptism when everyone involved is holding a kid during the ceremony.

And the dress? It was a gorgeous.

I also made a bonnet, which I just realized I didn't take a picture of. The only one I can find of it is in this blurry shot below. Made with the same fabric as the slip, then a crochet border added.

I haven't stopped smelling her head all day long. And my arms smell of the chrism oil from cradling her. Is that not everyone's favorite part of Baptism? The oil?

Welcome to the Church, Eleanor, and Happy Father's Day, Matt.

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Amelia Bentrup said...

Beautiful dress!

Welcome to the church Eleanor!!

Great pictures..you look wonderful!

And, all my babies woke up a lot when they weren't nursing. LOL