21 May 2014

The Big 0-3

On Sunday, the second love of my life turned the big 0-3.

Earlier in the week, we had a (very small) more traditional party with balloons and cupcakes for grandparents and great-grandparents, but on Sunday, the actual day of her birth, we spent the day doing things Abigail would probably ask to do, if she could. We sat next to her best friend at Mass and lingered over donuts and chocolate milk afterward. Matt and I got her a bubble blower as one of her presents, so we took her to the campus of our Alma mater and let her run around grassy knolls chasing bubbles. And when we strode over to the Michigan State University dairy store for some ice cream cones, we didn't make her hold someone's hand. We had plans to let her eat french fries and M&Ms for dinner, but she fell asleep in the car on the way home (pretty much unheard of - Abigail rarely falls asleep anywhere but her crib!) and stayed asleep until the next morning! (She got fries for lunch the next day instead).

And I spent the entire day playing the, "This time three years ago, I was blogging happily/getting pitocin/begging for an epidural/having a c-section/holding Abigail for the first time" game. With each year that passes, it gets easier and easier to remember the good and forget the bad. And Matt and I did a count down until 5:43pm, and even though Abigail was sleeping, we both wished her a happy birthday and remembered the moment our lives changed forever. For the better.

She's getting so big. Her little hands and face looking less like a baby's and more like a little girl's. Her language improving so dramatically, her understanding of what we say, her adamant "No, no no" when we ask if she needs a diaper change.

She's getting so good at so many different tasks and her willingness to eat new foods and ability to feed herself improving so dramatically recently. When I look at her, I can see her in a few years - a sweet and helpful girl, a hard worker, a serious streak of stubbornness and determination.

My heart fills to bursting with each new sign of her maturity. I wish she could stay little forever, but each new stage brings out a new side of her personality that I can't help but fall in love with.


Anonymous said...

"but on Sunday, the actual day of her birth, we spent the day doing things Abigail would probably ask to do, if she could"

In my book, you and Matt get a zillion points for being the most thoughtful parents in the world.

What a sweet post. Happy birthday, Abigail! TB

Anonymous said...

What a perfect birthday! Abigail is so adorable! But I must admit she looks so grown up, walking by herself and with her hair down. In a blink of the eye our babies grow up. Happy Birthday Abigail. DM