05 May 2014

Still Waiting

Quick update so my blog-only readers know I haven't gone into labor (yet). It was looking pretty good on Saturday night - I had so much discomfort, back pain, and Braxton hicks. I knew it wasn't actual labor, but I had hoped that it would progress as the night wore on. It didn't. I do think the baby dropped, though. I thought she already had, but I think she was "floating" and now she's staying put really low. The good news is that my appetite increased and heartburn and nausea decreased since she dropped!

I had my hopes up so high to be giving birth over the weekend that when things settled down and both the baby and the Braxton hicks were quiet on Sunday, I actually got depressed.

Lots of appointments today, but I totally wouldn't mind if I went into labor and had to postpone them all. I'm simultaneously so sick of being pregnant and so excited to meet this baby. And I keep accidentally typing her name and needing to backspace and retype "this baby."

In other news, my daughter reads law books for pleasure and gets upset when I try to take them away from her.

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Anonymous said...

I always try to make myself feel better at this point (your current state) by going for long, brisk walks, letting the Braxton Hicks kick in and work hard. I tell myself that even if actual labor doesn't develop, I'm exercising and toning my uterine muscles, preparing for labor -and if I'm feeling like I need a serious boost of confidence, I tell myself that my 20 minute, constant contractions walk just shaved 20 minutes off my actual labor.

It may be utterly false, but it can make you feel good and help pass the time!