08 May 2014

Still Pregnant

I'm still pregnant. I'm going to keep this brief because it's late and I'm emotional, which is a bad time to blog. I've had 20 hours of painless contractions. They come every 6.5 minutes on average and last 30-45 seconds each. The worst of the worst is maybe a 2 on the pain scale, but most of them I can barely feel. I don't even know if I'm in labor anymore. I am also incredibly nauseous, haven't kept anything down all day, and am dehydrated. I'm so frustrated and very physically uncomfortable.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment that I will go to if we don't go to the hospital tonight. I desperately want to go to the hospital right now just to see if I'm even in labor, and get something for the nausea and dehydration. But I'm trying to hold out until tomorrow at 11:15am.

UPDATE: After some quick online searching, I wonder if I have prodromal labor? It's when "In a prodromal labor, the early phase of labor (cervix dilates from closed to approximately three-to-four centimeters) is prolonged with contractions that do not increase in intensity." Apparently it's more common in people attempting VBACs, says another website.

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Anonymous said...

Dehydration can bring on lots of start-stop labor -I had it for a month before my third was born and its very trying and emotionally draining. Drink lots of water and/or have Matt bring home some coconut water, which is uber-hydrating. My rule of thumb for months 6-9 is: if contractions start, sit down and drink at least 24 oz water.

We'll keep praying for you! TB