26 May 2014

My Girls

My girls.

It still sends a little thrill down my spine. We are a family of four. I am a mother of two. It gives me that feeling you get when you realize your childhood dream of being an adult so you could "do whatever you wanted" came true. Someone out there thinks I'm a responsible adult.

But lest you think my life has been perfect ever since that idyllic VBAC, let me assure you that we're working through our fair share of struggles. Eleanor wakes to eat every 4 hours during the day and 2 hours during the night. And interrupted sleep is a migraine trigger for me. Yesterday's migraine was so bad that Vicodin didn't get rid of it. Plus in the two weeks and two days since her birth, I've had mastitis twice. I'm very thankful we worked Matt's work schedule like we did, as I definitely needed him home after my brief attempt to handle two kids solo. I'm also glad this week will be a short one.

Everyone who sees Eleanor always exclaims about how dark her hair and complexion are, immediately declaring her to be her father's daughter and our two kids to be clearly distinct. But the truth is that I think the two girls look incredibly alike. At birth, Abigail had a dark complexion, dark hair, and dark blue eyes, all of which lightened up as she aged. I suspect the same will hold true for Eleanor. But even if Eleanor stays darker, I think her features clearly hail from my side of the family.

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