28 May 2014

How we picked her name

Quick note: Do you remember shortly before Eleanor was born when I posted the doctor's predictions about the birth? (He is one of my three favorite physicians out of the ten in the office). He was right on every. single. count.

-She'll be around 7-7.5 pounds (She was 7 lbs 5 oz)
-I'll go into labor naturally (my water broke; I never needed pitocin to speed things up)
-I'll go into labor around the 39th week - that puts us at about Mother's Day (Because of the due date confusion, his 39th week was my 38 weeks 4 days. Either way, he pegged the exact day: his 39 weeks occurred on the Saturday she was born).
-I'll progress quickly (11 hours from water break to birth and no pitocin)
-My chances of a successful VBAC are incredibly high (I had one!)

He said he's delivered 5,000-6,000 babies. I guess he knows his stuff.

* * * * *

Even though no one on here has asked me how we selected the name "Eleanor," I'm going to share anyway : )

You see, my name, Jacqueline, is one that always has to be spelled out for people. Those of my parents' or grandparents' generation always exclaim, "Like Kennedy Onassis!" quite happily as if they were good friends. So it's been in my head since I was a kid that I had an important first lady's name. When Matt and I decided on Abigail's name, we teased that the both of us had first ladies' names. One day as a joke, we hoped online and looked up a list of first ladies names to see which ones we liked for our future children. We weren't pregnant and weren't ready to get pregnant at the time. This was before we were even pregnant with the baby we lost. Anyway, we came across the name, "Eleanor" and rather liked it. As time went on, we continued to keep the name in the back of our minds. It's a traditional, elegant, and uncommon name; exactly what we wanted. Once we found out we were having a girl, we decided we still like the name. So that's why her name is Eleanor. Because we all have first ladies' names.

The middle name, Grace, is a less exciting story. I really like the name as a first name, but we know a lot of Graces, so we decided to make it a middle name. And obviously it has religious meaning that we embrace.

Both girls' first names are seven letters and three syllables long, both middle names are one syllable. Both names sound good together.

Unfortunately for our theme, we don't really like any of the other first ladies' names. If we have a boy next, however...

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Barack? Unthinkable! ;-)