24 May 2014

Couch Sleeping Positions

So I'm pretty stoked that a micro-debate occurred in the comments of my last post. People read my blog and have things to say! Woot! Anyway, yes "[Eleanor] and I took a nap on the couch" is widely vague and could be dangerous. So I thought I'd clarify. I created a re-enactment of how we were positioned this afternoon and had Matt photograph it. So I nursed Eleanor (does anyone else get really tired while nursing?) Anyway, after she was done, I propped her up on my chest, threw a pillow behind my head, and let myself drift off. I thought she wasn't done nursing, so I was initially just waiting for her to realize she was still desperately starving.

But after a few minutes, she remained asleep, so I slowly shifted around to this position:

And we remained like that for a period of time. (Can't remember exactly how long; probably somewhere between 30-45 minutes). I was catnapping at the time, so I was in a very light sleep and did wake a few times when E would make squeaky noises (we call her Squeaker for all her little noises). Maybe this will only make things worse, but I think this position is perfectly fine, she can't slid down, she can't slide off, and I think my instincts would wake me if she turned nose-to-chest and began suffocating as I was in a light sleep and not under the influence of medication.

And to thank everyone for commenting on my blog post, here is a sister photo!

Abigail loves Eleanor so much, she seizes every opportunity to seize her sister. As a result, they are never left alone : )


Cam Wollner said...

There is just so much cuteness in that picture!!! I love sister pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! :-). I didn't get a chance to add another comment yesterday and just signed on to write my thoughts on how there are different ways to fall asleep on a couch, and here you have pictures of just what occurred to my mind when I read your initial post.

I'm laughing too, because you're opening lines are so funny.

Mario and I broke our three year streak and went to see a movie in the theater last night. It was Moms' Night Out. It was very funny, and I think you'd enjoy it, ESP since you're a Mommy Blogger. :-). I don't know how long it'll be before it comes out on video for moms with infants (har har), but I recommend it.

Thanks for the clarification. And for the combox war. :-) :-) :-). TB