09 May 2014

A Tangent From The Previous Post

I'm including this as a separate post as I put the previous post on Facebook and these are things for a smaller audience.

Without going into a super extensive history, I tend to fall on the side of people who would rather solve a health problem an herbal supplement and refine her diet than take a prescription pill from a doctor when possible. Combine that with pregnancy, when it's a good idea for everyone to take less medication in general. So I was really hesitant to ask for a prescription for heartburn or nausea for either this pregnancy or my pregnancy with Abigail. I choose to suffer through the symptoms rather than take the side-effects risks.

But this time around, I recently broke down on both of those counts. Around the end of the 8th month, I believe it was, I asked the doctor for a prescription for heartburn. Everything, even chocolate milk, ice cream, fruit, granola bars, flavored water, everything, gave me heartburn. I was downing 10 Tums a day on a good day. My throat hurt constantly. He prescribed something light (Zantac) and within one pill, I was feeling significantly better. I can't believe how much I wasn't eating out of fear of heartburn. When everything makes you sick, it makes you less likely to eat anything.

Then today, after nausea caused me to throw up water and become significantly dehydrated, I asked for a prescription for nausea. I had debilitating nausea in the first trimester and rather significant nausea returned in the third trimester. After a dosage straight to the veins at the hospital and an oral dosage at home, I feel amazingly clear-headed and normal for the first time in a long time.

And then the nurse volunteered that I can take Tylenol PM without concern to help me sleep at night.

And it's kinda got me wondering: pregnancy for me is so awful, I can scarcely imagine having much more than one more kid. If the prescription is FDA approved for use during pregnancy, wouldn't it be better to take them (as much as no one really likes or trusts the FDA), at least not hate pregnancy, and be able to expand our family? I mean, not as in a kid-collecting way, but in a feel-called-by-God way?

This is honestly just something that first came to me in the car on the way home this morning, so I haven't worked out all the kinks yet. I mean, it's totally possible this level of awfulness is God's way of telling me not to have a large family. Or it could be that I'm called to do extra suffering while I'm expanding my family. Or it could be that I drank too much soda as a kid and now get heartburn easily and God doesn't really care either way if I pop a pill to quell it. Not sure, but it's a new thread of thinking I hadn't yet considered.

If nothing else good comes from it, at least these last two days have given me a way to quell my nausea, which will encourage me to eat and build up my strength. I'm going to need it if I want to up my odds for a successful VBAC!

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Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle at the bit about drinking too much soda as a kid and the possible consequences.

Only you and Matt can discern what's truly best for you and your family. Although I was "totally opposed" to epidurals, 44 hours of start-stop labor with intense back labor with my first baby brought on a new-found respect for both epidurals and intravenous hydration. If we hadn't been restricted to a hospital birth due to being overdue, we probably would've ended up there any way under those circumstances.

I'm glad you're feeling better and hope and pray you will continue to feel healthy and well and mentally prepared for the arrival of your Little Girl! TB