29 April 2014

The Nursery

I sincerely hope I am not annoying anyone with talk of baby preparations and being pregnant. I try to throw in non-baby-focused posts once a week so that I don't get too draining. If I still am, however, I apologize and encourage you to skip this post.

I'm officially full term now and while the doctor predicted the 39th week, I'm placing my bets on something closer to the last few days of week 37/first few days of 38. My body is acting very much like it did before Abigail was born. They're all symptoms that, when looked up in the books, don't necessarily indicate labor is going to start soon. And I know that just because it's similar to what happened before doesn't mean anything. So all my evidence is justifiably refutable, but I'm still convinced I'll be sending around "in labor" notices in the beginning of May rather than mid-May. I consider this all good though. If I go into labor naturally after I'm technically full term, clearly the baby was ready to leave early, and I wouldn't mind carrying this baby in my arms instead of my womb.

In mega-contrast to how unprepared I was for Abigail's early arrival, I am ready for this baby to arrive! Everything is washed, the clothes are in the dresser, the receiving blankets (ie, spit up rags) are nicely folded, the coming home outfit is packed, the Official Blanket has been made (I'll debut it wrapped around the baby). I absolutely love walking into the bedroom and seeing the Pack n' Play all set up with the newborn bed on one side and a stack of tiny baby clothes folded beneath. Not moving 1.5 weeks before a baby is born is definitely the way to go.

The remainder of my purchases arrived today, as did the crib, and I finished getting the girls' room all ready. I helped Matt rearranged the furniture in the second bedroom last night to make space for the crib and I spent today tying on the bumpers and redecorating.



Would you like to know how much I spent?
$52 for a crib mattress
$7 in screws and dowels for the crib
$9 tote for outgrown clothes
$5 large laundry basket on clearance
$73 total

I got the crib for free from the friend of a friend, but it was missing some hardware. It did come with a mattress, but I'm pretty picky about used mattresses, so I sprang for a new one. The changing table was free and almost everything else was handed down from Abigail. I love walking into the girls' room. Even though my big reveal doesn't have a Pottery Barn feel, everything in the room is really meaningful to me. The star garland I made in Florida, the blue lamp Matt's aunt made us as a wedding present, the pink paper stars leftover from Abigail's second birthday, the animal wall stickers we've had since Abigail was born. (They're re-stickable, and since we keep living in apartments we can't paint, they make the room feel more fun and playful. Plus they are something consistent in each of Abigail's rooms since we move a lot).

The changing table is ready and stacked with two sizes of diapers. I made a mobile to hang above it with scraps I had lying around.

And the closet...oh, the closet was redone about three times trying to find the best possible arrangement for so much stuff. I really, really don't want to buy a closet organization system because we probably won't be here for very long.



The totes are neatly sorted according to clothing size and the old diaper boxes are labeled with accessories (hats, shoes, tights, etc). The bagged items below the yellow sweatshirt are sterilized bottles and bottle accessories. They'll get dealt with after I find out if I can breastfeed. Afterward: more space! Plus there is the whole top of the mini-dresser on which to shove things.

I do feel compelled to include one quick tangent before I wrap up this post with two more exciting things. I wanted to talk about sleeping arrangements. I am very much for mamas sleeping with or without their babies, whatever works best for their family. I know it's super controversial in today's society and I want to let everyone around me know, if you co-sleep, I am super supportive of you. If your baby is in her own room on her first night home from the hospital, I am super supportive of you too. I planned to sleep with Abigail in a basket in our bed, but long story short, she wasn't a fan. We tried lots of things and found that her in her own room made everyone the happiest. It taught me a lot about judging other people and how much "what's best for baby" can change based on circumstance.

So I wanted to have a crib ready to go before the baby was born just in case - I don't want anyone to think I'm condemning any particular lifestyle (society does that enough anyway). If nothing else, Abigail can't reach inside the crib, so I'll have a safe place to stash the new one if I need to, I don't know, use the bathroom or something crazy.

Okay. The baptismal gown! It has been done for about a month now, including slip and bonnet. I do still need to add the ribbon (which has been purchased), but I want to prevent the ends from fraying by dipping them in wax. And I want to dip them in the scented wax I'm taking to the hospital to use in a warmer when I give birth. So I haven't added the ribbon yet, so it's not ready to be photographed.

Secondly: my dream diaper bag! It arrived today. I wasn't going to get it for another week or so, but when I hoped online last week to drool over it some more, it was out of stock! Because the company recently discontinued another very similar bag, I was worried it was gone for good. When it reappeared the next day, I ordered it. It's everything I wanted in a diaper bag and I'm totally in love with it! Crossbody carry option, outside pockets for keys and phone, side sleeves for water bottles, lots of inside pockets, sporty yet sophisticated look, doesn't look like a diaper bag, high quality. Check x 7.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say how much it cost for fear of being judged because it's not a bargain item, although I did spend several months fruitlessly searching for a sale. Suffice to say, in bag world, it is a very averagely priced item, but for me, it was a very expensive purchase. My husband was actually a proponent of me getting the bag. It was his support that pushed me off the fence! I'm nervous to carry it around and get it dirty, but oh my goodness, I can't wait to take it out on it's first stroll about town!

I am surrounded by so much tiny pink clothing, a cutesy crib, a freshly laundered blankets, a newborn snuggler in the pack n' play - all ready, all anticipating the arrival of one so very loved.


Liz E. said...

Such a bright sunshiny room! You managed to make it look cozy and not like a sterile apartment which is quite impressive.

p.s. I spent like, I don't know, $125? on the Ergo I thought was prettiest, so I'm sure whatever you paid for your bag was totally within the realm of I'm-worth-something-nice-every-once-in-a-while acceptability.

Sarabeth said...

Cute bag! We have a Roxy carry on sized bag that we use for our little one. It wasn't the cheapest option either, but I love how easy it is to clean and that is has enough room for cloth diapers since they are a bit bigger.

Cam Wollner said...

I love your pregnancy posts and I'm so excited to see pictures of your new little one when she arrives! And I love the nursery! It looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hire you to come to AK to organize my boys' rooms for our baby's arrival. I'm not sure if that's entirely a compliment to you or a veiled admission of profound laziness on my part, but you've done a simply lovely job.

And I love the bag.

But now, I feel totally unprepared to have my own baby. Man, I've got a lot if work to do! :-). TB