09 April 2014

Summer Resolve: The Summer of Memories

We're probably not going to buy a house this year. We're probably going to be stuck in this stupid apartment. We're probably not going to buy a second car. We're probably not going to win the lottery (it would probably improve our chances if we bought a ticket, though). So what's a girl to do when she's got to keep her head down and just keep putting one foot in front of the other?

Stop obsessing about the five year plan and start living life right now! A person can make some good memories and a couple of kids can have some good childhoods even if it's in a two-bedroom apartment and with one (very small) Ford Focus (without power windows or cruise control). Since we [will soon] have two young children, our adventurous outdoor plans won't be very extravagant, and since "blow lots of money!" hasn't been on our agenda since our honeymoon (we over-budgeted, spent without a care, and still came home with a good chunk of change leftover), we'll have to keep them inexpensive.

A mommy/blogger role model of mine, Kelle Hampton, recently wrote this article about family adventures without traveling far. I totally saved it. "Our Day Trip mission is simple: be together, explore where we live and uncover hidden gems–family-owned ice cream shops, parks that go under the radar, beaches with the best shells and corners of our state." I absolutely love the idea and the tips it gives, like picnics at local airports to watch the planes coming and going. I'm definitely thinking we can expand on the adventure part while saving money by packing picnic lunches and eating on grassy knolls. Then springing a few dollars for ice cream or an iced mocha in a venture to find the best place around wouldn't be a big deal.

This is definitely something we did in Chicago, some of our fondest memories coming from those family day trips.

After an incredibly long winter, I'm just about dying to get out and do some hiking. And it's been a long time since we've done any since the trails in Illinois were 2-3 hours away from our apartment. I know it's going to be a few more years before we do any "real" hiking since we've got young kids, but I still want to find a state park, put on my hiking boots, and get out into the woods! Unless we spring for a second Ergo and one of us straps a kid to the front and a backpack to the back, we're going to have to find trails that are wide enough for our rugged stroller. But that's okay! Better than nothing! And I'm going to have to find out what to look for with regard to ticks because rumor has it, they've gotten pretty bad up here since we last lived in the mid-west. But anyway. We used to do this all. the. time when we first got married and when we moved to Florida. We even managed to get a hike or two in during the summer we spent in Michigan while Matt was studying for the bar exam.

Fun day, terrible carrier. It was after this that I officially dumped the Moby and got a sling.

My summer goal: make this a summer of awesome memories. Be prepared for tons of pictures.

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