15 April 2014

I humble accept this award...Liebster Awards

I got tagged in a thingy! I love getting tagged in thingies! I'd like to thank Amelia from One Catholic Mama for tagging me in the Liebster Awards *sniff sniff* Amelia, I love your blog and read it all the time. And I try to "like" it on Facebook when I see your links because I like reading your opinions.

So basically, the Liebster Awards is a blogging game where you answer a bunch of questions. I love answering questions like these. You know those things that used to go around email-style before Facebook and Myspace and asked, "Do you like Pepsi or Coke?" I love answering those, so I'm super stoked. Plus I'm pretty sure that only about 5 people read my blog since all I do is complain about being pregnant and I'm super flattered that I was thought of as a person to tag.

1. Describe your perfect day.
I'm going to describe my perfect day right now, as a person who just hit the 35th week of pregnancy. My perfect day would start with Matt getting up with Abigail while I slept in until I felt like getting out of bed. I would walk out of the bedroom to find the house clean and some delicious breakfast already made (maybe some baked oatmeal?). I would take a leisurely shower while Matt got Abigail ready and then we'd all head out to Michigan State University's campus to let Abigail run around on the gorgeously sunny day with temperatures in the 60s. Matt and I would have some sort of amazing discussion like we did before we had kids that has nothing to do with anything stressful. We'd have lunch at Moe's where I'd get nachos and we'd all get ice cream at the MSU dairy store. We'd then come home and all take afternoon naps (I love family naps). After we wake up, we'd all enjoy post-nap snugglies on the couch (my favorite time of the day with Abigail is when she first wakes up from her nap). Since this is my perfect day, my back would not be sore, I would not be nauseous, and the nap would have refreshed my energy level. We would take a walk around the apartment complex, Matt and I holding hands while Abigail obeyed our verbal commands to stay on the sidewalk. We would get pizza and eat at home while playing a board game. If we're keeping this realistic, there would be some lounging on the couch until Abigail's bedtime, at which point Matt and I would either watch a new Matt Damon or Leonardo Dicaprio movie that just came out on DVD or I'd watch him play Half-Life, either way, I'd crochet while we did it. If I can take a bit of a turn for the wild, we'd find out we won the lottery and spend the evening looking at houses online.

2. What type of house do you live in (ie. ranch-style, two story, newer, older, condo, apartment, country city, townhouse, etc).
We live on the first floor in a two-bedroom apartment that I think is about 17 years old. It is on the edge of a large rural town. I do not like it here and wish I lived in an old ranch style house in a mega city.

3. Do you know your neighbors and are you friends with them?
I know my neighbors to the extent that I know their names. I am not friends with them, but we are friendly enough that I would feel comfortable asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

4. Did you go to college? What for?
Yes, I went to Michigan State University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I choose MSU because at the time, I wanted to be a teacher and MSU is arguably the best teaching school in the state. While I was in college, I realized that there is an insane amount of red tape in becoming a teacher and I wasn't interested in jumping through those hoops. I majored in English because I love to read - I never had a thought as to what I wanted to do when I graduated and no one ever asked me.

5. Name one weird thing about your house?
The stove is on the end, right in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room. It is really easy for Abigail to reach the stovetop from two directions and it makes the rest of the apartment really warm really fast.

6. Have you ever had a serious illness or disease?
Nothing serious. I have a bunch of little things, like hypoglycemia, anemia, and ulcerative colitis, but I can treat all those through diet (and an iron supplement) without any regular medication. I do have a gigantic kidney stone trapped in my left kidney, but it's not life-threatening and completely treatable after I have the baby.

7. Ever almost died?
No, but I did get hit by a car while on my bike once. The lady who hit me didn't even get out of her car, she just rolled the window down and said, "Oh my God!" over and over again while I crawled out from under her car (luckily her tires avoided me) and dragged my beat-up bike home. But honestly, that's as exciting as the story gets. I didn't have any injuries outside of a few bruises.

8. On a lighter note, do you prefer silence or the noise of something (TV, radio, music)?
SILENCE! I hate having the tv or radio on as background noise - I find it incredibly difficult to concentrate. The only time I listen to the radio is when I'm in the car, or, very, very rarely, when I'm cleaning.

9. What color are your walls?
White because we live in an apartment and aren't allowed to paint them.

10. Do you like where you live?
Nope. The only thing I like about this place is that we have a master suite (ie, a bathroom and walk-in closet attached to our bedroom), and a carport is included in our rent.

11. What type of clothing do you typically wear? Bonus points if you include a picture!
I'm really boring when it comes to clothes. I typically wear darker wash blue jeans and tank tops underneath t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, or button-up plaid flannel shirts. I like hoods and I like longer shirts. I don't usually wear patterns and stick with blacks, greys, blues, and greens for the shirts and sometimes pinks for the tank tops. I like sportier styles. I DO NOT like dressing up, but I do enjoy wearing jewelry and makeup on a daily basis.

I get a lot more daring with colors and prints when I'm pregnant, mostly because it's hard to look fat when you have a baby bump, so I figure I can get away with stripes and patterns that normally make me self conscious.

Here is a fairly typical me before we were pregnant (actually, we were a few days pregnant and just didn't know it yet!)

And here is a fairly typical me while pregnant:

I don't have may people to tag because almost all the other blogs I read have been tagged and I don't have many blogger friends.

Mrs. Sparrow, I nominate you to answer the same questions I did, if you're interested. If not, not offense.

But wait - is it really over? Are you sure there aren't any more questions? I prefer Coke! And I like chocolate! And I'd rather be cold than hot! And, and, and...


Sawako said...

You should do Kendra's linkup!


Amelia Bentrup said...

Thanks for answering!

My brother had an almost identical experience with being hit by a car while on his bike. He was totally fine...not even a scratch. Thank God for Guadian Angels!!