22 April 2014

How Did I Get Here? Diaper Bag Edition

I remember a girls' night many years ago, either shortly before or after I had Abigail. I am a bit younger than most of my friends, so for the longest time, I would spend a good chunk of ladies' nights trying not to yawn while the discussion ranged from breastfeeding to cloth vs disposable diapers. But after I became pregnant, these discussions suddenly became exciting. I looked forward to them. So there I was, one particular girls' night, sitting amongst my friends talking about diaper bags.

One woman posed the question: who had washable diaper bags and who had diaper bags that could just be wiped off with a cloth? It launched this huge discussion of diaper bags, what everyone liked and didn't like, what features were essential. My ears perked up - I was totally at a diaper bag crossroads myself! I paid attention to everyone's opinion, trying to glean wisdom from this circle of diaper bag veterans.

That evening I ran home to Matt and told him about the insanely minute question: wipeable or washable diaper bag? I recounted to him in shock about how much I really wanted to know what people thought. And I asked in disbelief over my interest: "How did I get here?!"

How did I get to the point where how one clean's her diaper bag becomes a topic I care about participating in?

Three years later, I still don't exactly know how I went from yawning and vowing never to become one of those women to having discussions with new mom friends about how we work holidays with both sides of the family.

Even though I don't know how I got here, I do like here. I'm really satisfied with the balance I'm striking in my life. I'm largely Mom right now, being pregnant, blowing a little nose, and telling Matt how many times Abigail pooped when he gets home from work. But I also nurture Wife with date nights and late night discussions about whether driving a Mustang when you're 60 is cool or lame. I give myself time to grow as Professional with my manuscript and my Etsy shop. I make sure Jacqueline doesn't get neglected when I take a few minutes to do my nails or schedule a hair cut. I try to balance discussions about sleep schedules with what's going on in Ukraine, the gun control debate, the season finale of The Walking Dead. I screw a lot of things up, but somehow, I feel like I got this one right, this balancing of the different selves.

For the record, I never did get a "real" diaper bag. I couldn't find anything I really liked in the stores and the insane price tags of proper diaper bags made me leery of trying one out. I ended up resurrecting an old Hollister tote bag I'd bought on a whim years ago, back when I was just College Kid. It was washable.

The diaper bag in its prime in Feb 2012.

I decided I would make it work until I figured out exactly what I wanted out of a diaper bag. But the Hollister tote worked just fine, actually. I got two diaper clutches from an Etsy shop, one for diapers and one for other random things to help keep the bag organized.

As modeled with an eight-month-old Abigail.

It worked pretty well for our purposes at the time, but won't once I have two little girls. Matt and I squirreled away a little money from our tax return now that I know what I want out of a bag. I'll finally pull the trigger on my dream diaper bag in early May. Maybe I'll do a Diaper Bag Edition, Part II : )


Anonymous said...

...mmmm... I'm intrigued...

I had an expensive JuJuBe that someone gave me with my first baby, a grocery store-Christmas present when the first one wore out, and I broke down and spent $30 at Babies R Us for one that is plain black and can double as a purse (cuz I'm just not an accoutrement sort of girl).

I did go diaper bag shopping once (I was just along for the ride with professional, working-mommy SIL), at a Kate Spade outlet in Tampa. Talk about dropping a chunk of change on a diaper bag!

We finally broke down and bought a Calphalon pots and pans set, sending our Teflon set to the thrift store. I am so happy, but so happy to be getting it now, six years into the marriage/kids/law school thing, rather than starting out with it. I think I appreciate it more. TB

Matt said...

Love reading your posts and updates TB. You are going to love those Calphalon pots. Great quality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Matt. Jacqueline is a good writer/thinker, and I really enjoy her blog.

I am extremely happy with the Calphalon. I always thought it was par for the course that you had to scrape the pan after making scrambled eggs, but NO MORE! :-). TB