21 April 2014

Answer Me This

I'm "participating" in a link up today, mostly because we're all sick and I don't feel like generating my own original content. But I hate actually linking up, so click on the button below to see other people's blogs, but mine won't be listed. Either way, I love answering questionnaires, so I'll enjoy writing today even if it isn't all my own original content.

1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?
Matt wore a dark charcoal suit with white shirt and pastel yellow tie. He looked great. I'd planned to wear a purple maternity dress with gray sweater and hadn't decided what Abigail was going to wear when we decided she was too sick to go to Mass. She and I stayed home and Matt went alone. Little did we know that he was nursing a cold as well. So a sick one went to Mass on one of the most popular days of the year anyway.

2. Easter Bunny: thumbs up or thumbs down?
Thumbs down. A giant bipedal rabbit that breaks in to houses and leaves eggs (even though he's a mammal) lying around? Freaky. And it in no ways ties into any iota of religious meaning. So no. I hear a lot about how I'm ruining childhood for my children, so I've kind of gotten a thick skin and don't really care if I run into disagreers. I'm certainly not going to perpetuate fairytale creatures rampaging my holidays because someone else thinks I should.

3. Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at your own house or at someone else's house?
I'd love to mix it up and sometimes host and sometimes visit, but with our little apartment, we can't host very many people at one time, so we usually go to someone else's house. I like hosting because I enjoy cooking, pleasing people I love with a delicious spread, and I enjoy planning parties. But I also love going to other people's houses because I don't have to do any cleaning! My least favorite arrangement is when someone else is hosting, but I still have to bring 4-6 dishes/items for a contribution dish. It is a really big pain in the @$$.

4. What is your favorite kind of candy?
Junior Mints. Always. You can get the theater sized box from Target for only $1, which is a total steal over the regular-sized boxes in the check-out lane for $.79. But I settle for York Patties when I'm trying to lose weight because a check-out lane York Patty only has 140 cals and Abigail inevitably eats half. It's hard to stop after a reasonable portion from a king-sized box.

Overall, Matt and I are both huge junk food junkies and I am not a candy snob. The other candies on my short-list include plain M&Ms, Milky Ways, orange slices, and Twix.

5. Do you like video games?
If by "video games," you mean something you play on a system that hooks up to a TV, then the answer is "no." Both Matt and I grew up in non-video-game supportive households, so we have no experience and no overwhelming desire to by them as adults. I'd love to have a Wii someday, but we have nothing right now. However, Matt is a huge computer gamer, so if those count as video games, then yes, I do like them. Matt got me into a few economy-based sim games - the kind where you build up a town and run the economy to support it. Not much fighting. But I do really like crocheting while watching Matt play computer games (first-person shooters are more interesting to watch than economy sims). My least favorite to watch is Star Craft and my favorite is Half Life.

6. Do you speak another language?
Not enough to count. Back in college, I took enough Spanish that I was pretty fluent at one point. Being fluent in Spanish gave me the ability to understand spoken Italian, which was a pretty fun party trick. But it's been a good seven years since I graduated and I've very seldom used it since, so I can't honestly say I speak Spanish any longer. I think I know sign language, but the truth is that I only know about 100 kid-friendly vocab words.

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