12 March 2014

Snowy Excuses

When I opened the blinds this morning, I was greeted with this vista:

Yesterday it was in the 40s, the bushes were uncovered, and I could see brown mud mixed with crushed, green grass blades.

But I had literally just finished reading James 1:2: "Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials." So I figured, why not put practice what I read? So the silver lining of 4 inches of snow (4 more expected today) after several days of not having to zip up my coat when I go outside?

An excuse to cancel plans.

It's amazing how much taking on a new project - even one that only takes a few extra hours per week - can really take it's toll on a young family. I could feel myself hitting my limit, so I carefully selected two projects (couponing and some volunteer design work for a group at church) and let the rest go. And to be honest, if that design work wasn't about to wrap up in the next few weeks, I'd be about done with it too. And the couponing, well, I just saved 46% at Kroger yesterday, so it's definitely sticking around. I have a few of my own projects I want to work on in these next two months - the baptismal gown is almost done, the memoir-edits are coming along well, the girls' party is still a go, and I still have work to do to get Abigail's room ready for a roommate.

So this snow was a good excuse to do some canceling and rescheduling and catch up on laundry and Chica time. Abigail is a total mommy's girl and she can feel me pulling away: the busier I get, the clingier she gets. I gotta get in as many mommy-Chica moments as I can while she's still the baby.

Over the weekend, I got a little taste of outdoor family time and I am definitely planning to schedule the next two months around such occasions. Until March 31st, the local zoo in Lansing, Michigan has half price admission and isn't charging for parking. So we went to the zoo.

While I hope this snow doesn't stick around long enough to give us cabin fever again, I'm totally using it as my excuse today to hang out in my pajamas, put six plastic necklaces on at one time with Abigail, and do a prenatal yoga DVD. Cheers to lazy days restorative days.

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