24 March 2014

Four Updates on Exciting Topics

Update #1: Being Pregnant

I hate third trimester morning sickness. I didn't have it with Abigail, thankfully. But this time around...the big difference is that while I had first trimester nausea all the time, there wasn't much vomiting. But this trimester? The nausea comes in bouts and almost always involves a ton of violent vomiting. It comes on so suddenly too, I never know if it's safe to leave the house because I'm not sure when It will strike. I'll hit 32 weeks tomorrow, I'm miserable, and I am so very glad I forget how much I hate being pregnant after I give birth.

The good news is that I have continued to gain a healthy amount of weight. After the 55-60 lbs I put on with Abigail - which took me two years to take off - I'm making it a priority to stick within my doctor's guidelines. I'm at 23 pounds so far with only 8 more weeks to go.

Update #2: The Baptismal Gown

The crochet work is done. I promise that I'll take nice photos once it's completed, but in the meantime, here's some shots from this morning:

I need to buy and add buttons, sew a slip (which should be an afternoon project), and add ribbon.

And writing this all out, it just occurred to me: Should I make a bonnet? Booties? Should the baby wear the dress during the reception? Oh geeze. Thoughts, anyone?

Now that I've completed the pattern, I do have to say, it was terribly written. It's riddled with errors and the recommended quantity of yarn was way off. The pattern is for a 2-4 month old and I'm looking to baptize a less-than-one-month-old, so I only did 70% of the skirt, which saved me just enough yarn to finish the project. The yarn is hard to find in craft stores and I had to order it online, so if I did make the full dress, or if I make a bonnet and booties to match, I'll have to buy more online. Shipping on this yarn costs as much as the yarn itself, which doubles a majority of my costs.

Update #3: Sheep and Company
It's been a dream of mine for a while to open up my own Etsy shoppe and I'm super glad I finally did in January of 2013. I don't regret it one bit - actually, I wish I'd done it when we were still in law school. But it turns out there isn't a huge market for $10-$14 custom-made knitted hats out there, so after having my fill of fun, I've decided to close up shop and move on to new projects. I have a particular revenue goal in mind that I want to hit before I formally close, so my shop will likely remain open until I reach it. I'm super close, and I've decided to seriously mark down stuff in the hopes of hitting it soon. Markdowns include my crochet fruit, which was originally listed for $20 and is now $12:

Also, I can turn either the watermelon or pineapple sets into magnets at no additional charge. It is important to note that once fruit because magnetized, it is no longer meant as a toy for young children, but instead becomes a decoration.

Secondly, I'm looking to offload this hand-crocheted baby blanket:

Originally $75, now only $35.

Lastly, I'm totally willing to make deals. So if you're all, "Yes, I would like to buy all three of my children new winter hats, plus pick up two sets of crochet fruit, and only pay you $30," make an offer. Likely I'll come back with "You pay shipping and it's a done deal."

Update #4: The Manuscript

This past weekend I finished going through and making revisions based on the critiques of the very generous peer-reviewers who kindly went through my book, and I did another on-screen read-through myself.

While things were being edited, I did some research on the publication process and determined a course of action. I have a few small leads for publishers that don't require agents, but a vast majority of publishers won't even look at my manuscript unless it is being represented by an agent. So it looks like I will need to find one; lucky for me they don't charge the author until a contract has been signed with a publisher.

Below is my to-do list, with the steps in brackets being my updated tasks.

To-do list (deadline: before the baby comes in mid-May):
-Edit the third and final section of the manuscript.
-Make Matt read through it all and discuss changes.
-Find a few friends to read through it and share their perspectives. More editing.
-[Review a two-page section with a few people in a group setting to determine if it needs a bit more work]
-[Print and] read through a final time [Matt too] to make sure it's as good as it's going to get.
-Research how publishing works.
-[Go through my bookshelf, go to the bookstore, and browse online to generate a list of publishers who are big in the memoir/Ds genre. Research them to determine submission requirements].
-[Contact everyone I've ever met or heard of who has an arm in the publishing world].
-Either find an agent, start submitting, or both.

Random Happening

The other day I got out of the shower to discover this:

My child sneak-reading the Catechism in the corner. (Full disclosure: I initially discovered her with the Catechism, but by the time I'd grabbed my camera, she'd moved on to a different book).

She's sneak-reading it because the books were stacked up on the table in a place I thought she couldn't reach, so she knew they were "Mommy's books" and wasn't supposed to be reading them. She's usually really gentle with books for a two-year-old, but just like you can't tame a wild animal, you can't guarantee a two-year-old won't randomly rip a page out of the Catechism. Or a library book.

Anyway, I love that I have a kid who sneak-reads in corners. Of all the bad things she could be doing, she's reading a book. And not just any book, a book that lays out the official teachings of our religious beliefs.


Liz E. said...

The gown is STUNNING! I have a gorgeous bonnet and yet somehow in the craziness of baptism day, none of my three daughters have worn it. You should totally make the accessories though so that you have a complete set, even if you don't end up using them this time around.

Sorry to hear about your Etsy shop, but I understand completely. You are okay with your decision?

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for asking! I am, oddly, really okay with it. It was fun while it lasted, but it's gotten to be more work than it's worth, so I'm actually looking forward to hitting my revenue goal and saying goodbye.