01 March 2014


I can't believe it was just a few weeks ago that I was feeling so overwhelmed with all these frustrating things going on in life. I definitely identified a weak prayer life as a possible culprit for feeling like things were slipping out of my control. Matt and I relied very heavily on God to see us through law school and our year in Chicago. I mean, we freakin' moved to Florida in 2009 without so much as a place to live! We had our stuff in our car and 384 cubic feet of space on a semi truck to our name. (We stayed in a hotel for a few days while we looked for places to stay and signed a lease). But anyway, I always had this mindset that once we graduated and got a job and got back to Michigan, things would settle down. We'd become a typical American family. We'd buy a house, a second car, new furniture. I envisioned all of our problems ending once we got that real job and stopped moving. But when we got here, things didn't magically sort themselves out. And I started to realize slowly but sure that I had unconsciously stopped relying on God. He got us through, I said my thanks, and I moved on, I realized. So I implemented a family Rosary in the evenings and added a few morning prayers to the beginning of our day. And suddenly life felt easier.

After six months of searching, a carpool situation magically fell into our laps. Combined with a compromise on the pain-in-the-ass bus system, I now can have the car a guaranteed two days a week, plus any other day I need it without much notice without having to drive Matt to work in the mornings. And this situation can easily be kept up once the baby comes.

I took a birth healing class that has helped me work through so many of my fears and has me feeling really excited about the whole experience for the first time...ever.

I started seeing a chiropractor and after four sessions, I am now completely pain free. I wasn't experiencing excruciating pain, but it was a constant nagging thing that left me feeling very drained by the end of the day. Back, pelvis, side, all the usual pregnancy + carrying a toddler pain. But anyway, I also found out that my chiro has a masseuse on staff, which means I can get prenatal massages for the cost of a $20 copay.

Lastly, that couponing class I talked about earlier is really paying off! I went out this morning to do my full-on grocery shopping (I go once every two weeks; the trip I mentioned in the last blog post was strictly a coupon + sale trip, I only got things that matched up and didn't pay more than $1 for any one item). Anyway, I really did save 50% off my bill this morning! I am so excited about it! Having that extra money each month is really going to reduce some press points for us and let us have a few more luxuries (I have my eye on a zoo pass this summer) without making us reduce our debt payments to the minimums.

I am feeling so thankful and so very blessed. I am in such a good place right now and I am making sure to offer up nightly prayers of thanksgiving for all the blessings. I know life won't always be this smooth and sometimes I will pray and God will say, "no," but it sure is nice to catch a break now and again, to feel God offer a basket of blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Once you commit to that family rosary, you will find that you simply can't do without it! It's such a powerful prayer, and has been a tremendous boon throughout our married life. The day after we got engaged, I asked Mario to do one thing in our married life: always make sure we pray the rosary together every day. I wanted to put the burden on him because I knew I wouldn't have the fortitude to implement and stick to it. I had grown up with the family rosary and knew its importance and strength, but had never followed through on my own as an adult in the daily rosary.

Whenever we seem to be having troubles, even minor ones with the boys, Mario recommends "turning it up a notch" and fortifying ourselves with prayer. So now he prays the St Michael prayer with the boys first thing in the morning, before our usual family morning/meal prayers.

I cannot recommend highly enough the value and grace of sticking to a daily rosary resolution -it will be challenging at times and the spiritual comfort and joy may wane, but that's when things are getting good, because you're beginning to rely more and more on God and less on spiritual consolations.

Pray on, my friend, PRAY ON!