02 January 2014


The end of the holidays and the beginning of a new year is one of my favorite times of the year. It's resolution time! We spend the 31st reflecting on how far we've come and what we didn't yet accomplish. Now I'm embarking on this here 28th year of my life (right? Because when you turn an age, you're completing the year you just lived? So if I'm 27, I'm in my 28th year of life? Oh geeze, I majored in English, not math. Anyway), this here year of 2014: what do I want to see on its December 31st? I try to set personal, family, and spiritual goals. I wanna read 24 books this year. I wanna find more weekend adventures like we did in Chicago. I wanna go to daily Mass once per week. I love to-do lists, goal-lists, resolution-lists. I write them down in my planner and refer to them throughout the year.

Because it's easy to loose track of goals I set six months ago, I also like to set short-term goals. I have a list of things I want to do before the baby is born. Namely: I want to drag all the baby clothes, toys, stuff out of our "storage unit" in my parents' basement, sort through, and wash everything. Then I need to clean out Abigail's closet (the only space in my house that is not perpetually organized) so I have room to cram more clothes, toys, stuff in. Lastly, I need to get a toddler bed and re-arrange her room to make space for two kids.

Sometime during the doldrums of February or March, when we're weary of the snow, slush, and ice, feeling claustrophobic and cabin fever-ed, I'll start this project. A nesting project I never got to do with Abigail because we were too busy moving. If all goes well at tomorrow's ultrasound, I'll get to settle down and prepare a room, prepare a big sister, prepare a tangible space in our home for the baby who is half-way done with my womb. And I am so, so, so looking forward to the mundane normalness of the entire event.


I went to Michigan State University for my undergrad degree. (Do you all know where I'm going with this? ; ) I am proud to say I am an alumna of the Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters. My husband is also a graduate of Michigan State University (James Madison College). We're big Spartan fans. We visit the campus when we're in the area (we just did last weekend, in fact), and my husband rather closely follows football and basketball. I am very proud to say that Michigan State won their bowl game yesterday - the 100th Rose Bowl and the last Rose Bowl before the major rule changes take effect. We're pretty stoke fans over here and we just want to say congratulations to all the players, coaches, and support system that made this year's ultimate victory possible.


If you can remember tomorrow to say a brief prayer for our baby, I would be very thankful. This time last pregnancy is when the Baby Heart Saga began. I want to log on tomorrow and have the only news I announce be a gender. (Or that we're having twins. I would really like to have twins this time, actually, and even though the early ultrasound already ruled that out, I'd be okay with announcing that news). So, yes. And feel free to cast your votes on a gender in the comments. I've had a two dreams, one in which the baby was a boy, and last night, the baby was a girl. I have a sneaking suspicious that the baby is a boy, but I also thought Abigail was a boy. Matt and I are fine with whatever gender - and will be okay if the baby is unhealthy - but if God was like, "Hey, you guys pick," we'd both pick girl. For the record, most people who've told us their vote have suspected a boy.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta go with my gut: I think it's a boy. :-). TB. Good luck and God bless!