17 January 2014

But seriously, I wanted it *so* bad with Abigail!

Yesterday my poor little girl - who has been unbelievably grouchy for days - woke up from her nap with one heck of a fever. She was clingy, clingy, clingy and sent me digging through her room for my all-time favorite sling. I haven't worn Abigail much since she started walking regularly at the beginning of the summer. I slipped on the gorgeous fabric and inserted my sick child as the snowy clouds parted and choirs of angels began singing.

Okay, that last part was a slight exaggeration, but what is not is that I totally miss wearing my baby! Oh those happy days when I first discovered how much slings are totally my carrier of choice! Then the day a friend recommended the Ergo! After scores of failed recommendations from much-loved mama friends, I was hesitant to give it a try, but the Ergo turned out to be a spectacular carrier. Mine is this super awesome black-with-white-stars pattern:

Photo from Dec 2012

Between the two, I have the most awesome harmony of baby carriers. She's almost weightless, we're so in sync, I get so much time not in pain while she get so much snuggly time.

Photo from Nov 2012

As I carried one on my hip, the thought of the other in my "front carrier" filled me with excitement. I'm not done. I'm not done with the gorgeous green sling or the weightless, starry Ergo. I really miss babywearing.

My sling excitement spilled over into all kinds of newborn excitement. With Abigail asleep and my husband catching up on some work he'd brought home, I pulled up some resources I'd saved about cloth diapers after we lost the baby in the spring and got myself all worked up about how awesome it was going to be. Heck, I made myself a full-on Amazon baby registry, even though I'm not having a baby shower, my two kids will be the same gender, and will only be three years apart. I'm embarrassed to even admit that I even made a registry. I keep telling Matt, "it's just so I can remember what things I liked when I did the research. Pregnancy brain, you know?" Classic symptoms of newborn fever.

"Oh my gosh, Matt, look at how shabby-chic this crib sheet is! With two cribs, we're going to need twice the amount of crib sheets!" Add to registry.

"Matt! My friend so-and-so totally recommends this diaper sprayer when you do cloth diapering!" Add to registry.

"It turns out you need a baby insert when you have a newborn in an Ergo, Matt!" Add to registry.

"Remember how Abigail had all that Burts Bees Baby Bee stuff when she was born! Matt - remember how she smelled?!" Add to registry.

Is says a lot about his skill set that he was able to get his work done with his emotional, pregnant wife saying every five minutes: "Look at the pattern on these waterproof bags - SO CUTE!"

And then. Then, last night, my friends. I found an ultimate dream splurge. So here I am: on this crazy materialistic high, stoked to have a newborn, going research-crazy, emotional, hormonal, tearing up over velour cheetah print changing pad covers when I find this:

A HOODIE YOU CAN WEAR OVER A CARRIER?! Good Lord, save me now! I'm all, "MATT! I have to have this! Why the hell does it cost $70?! It's PERFECT! I LOVE it!" Matt is pretty sure I just Googled some sort of miraculous device that can take care of the baby, cook dinner, keep the cats from waking us up at night, and guarantee we'll win the lottery, and I'm all "BUT BLACK IS SO SLIMMING! Seriously, how many times did I say I wanted something like this with Abigail?! OMG, IT HAS THUMB HOLES!"

Goodness gracious. Pregnant women should not be allowed to shop when they're feeling all hormonal and nostalgic.

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Anonymous said...

Big, big, big smile. My husband is taking all three boys to their grandparents house for this upcoming three day weekend, and I've been dreaming all week if everywhere I'm going to shop (the places I don't/can't go with three kids), and I need a reality check before I go crazy over my own I'm -pregnant-I'm-free-to-do-ANYTHING mode ! TB