07 January 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As much as I'm a home-body, when I do drag myself out to social events, I almost always end up enjoying myself. I leave feeling fat and ugly, positive I could get more done at home, but I come home feeling connected and confident. But no matter how awesome an event, I need a few days at home to re-charge my batteries. I read somewhere once that introverts find human interaction taxing. It's true for me. Enjoyable, but taxing. Like exercising, I guess.

The last four days were light-hearted, pleasurable, and serious RBA depositing days. But exhausting. Our first play-date with new friends from our new church in our new town. The big ultrasound reveal. A family reunion with relatives we hadn't seen in a year or more. A family Christmas party with the in-laws during a record-breaking blizzard. My in-laws (two adults + five kids under eight) spending the night and following day with us because record-breaking blizzards make for nasty roads and windchill factors of -30 make for vans that don't start. Way fun events. But way exhausting too. Abigail didn't nap for three days straight, didn't go to bed early, and didn't sleep in late. By the time we woke up this morning, my "emotional connection side" was overflowing with love, but my introverted side was screaming: barricade yourself inside and don't look at another person all week! So I love you all, but I plan to not cross the threshold of my front door until Saturday.

Except tomorrow when I have to go grocery shopping. Damn. Maybe I'll use the self-checkout?

At least today went according to plan. The roads today were still too treacherous to travel, so Matt called into work (he got yesterday off, but the courts were back open today) and we turned our last snow day into a mid-winter cleaning day. Abigail was thrilled to be home, playing with her own toys by herself, eating her favorite foods, and sleeping on schedule.

We took down Christmas decorations, cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the kitchen, washed or vacuumed floors (Matt even moved furniture!), laundered blankets, sheets, towels, winter coats, clothes, caught up on the dishes, cleaned bathrooms, and mapped out meal plans. We sorted through the mountains of papers and mail piling up in the few remaining kid-free spaces and squeezed out a bunch of random little projects, like taping up the binding on Abigail's well-loved board books. To say it was a very productive, and much needed, day would be an understatement.

I love that my second trimester is perfectly lining up with the doldrums of January and February. I couldn't craft a more perfect time to get projects done: we're stuck inside with no major plans and I'm feeling (relatively) good. That list of projects I'd hoped to complete before May? It's looking good.

In the meantime, we're bundled up in layers and rocking hiking socks and slippers. Cause it's so cold outside that our fleece-lined curtains are frozen to our plastic-covered windows.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fact that part if the fun of "getting away" is coming home again. Your own bed. Your own routine. Even the dishes and laundry can be welcoming at times like those! :-). TB