30 December 2013

2013 in Pictures

The end of the year is a really good time to reflect on how far we've come in the last 12 months. Re-live our favorite memories, take stock of what we did and didn't like, and appreciate how precious time is. But my lifestyle of constantly saying goodbye, moving, and making fresh starts is really conducive to those same reflections, which means every few months you guys are treated subjected to yet another one of my "look how far we've come!" posts. So today's post is going to minimize words and maximize pictures.

One of the first pictures I took of Abigail in 2013 and one of the last

Finally, after years of dreaming, I started my own Etsy shoppe

After living at 20 different addresses, I finally found the place my heart calls home

We got pregnant. We said goodbye to the baby we never got to meet. We got pregnant again.

We celebrated 5 years of marriage and stumbled into a pub we hadn't seen since our honeymoon

She turned two

She learned how to walk

Oh save us, Lord. Remember the bed bugs? To this day, whenever I see a small black fuzz, my heart stops beating.

Some favorite 2013 shots of Abigail in Chicago


Then somma this:

And now we live here:

We celebrated the two-year heart-versary

We went on our only vacation of the year to the place where Matt spent his summers growing up

Favorite 2013 shots of Abigail in Michigan

My favorite photo of 2013?

Happy New Year, my friends! Thanks for sharing this space with me.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I love in your pictures from FL, to CHI to MI: the big black bookshelves full of books. :-)

Lovely reminisce. Happy New to you as we'll! TB