05 November 2013


Lately life has been uber-good. Everything is going right, Matt and I are rocking some super-connected, on-the-same-page, able-to-respectfully-discuss-disagreements, perfect-work/fun-weekend-balance, awesome marital bliss, Abigail is kind of an angel baby, the finances are going our way, I've been staying on schedule to read the Catechism in a year, and we were able to clean out a closet and open up bonus space on a shelf. Cause hell yeah. My epic levels of "first-trimester-sick-as-a-dog" even cleared up for a few days, making me feel so almost-normal I was seriously worried I was having a miscarriage.

It feels good to feel this good - a boost in morale that nothing - no girls' night, no shopping spree, no husband-takes-the-kids-for-the-weekend, no coffee break - else can bring. That was a lot of dashes in one sentence. My apologies. I try not to begrudge other women this everything-is-perfect high because we all work so hard for so long that we've all earned this rare feeling when it finally comes around.

I'm sick as a dog again, and thankfully have no real symptoms of a miscarriage. I have an epic 12 Week Appointment on Friday, and after that appointment, we'll probably go public with an announcement. I'm nervous about hearing the heartbeat; this will be my first OB/GYN appointment since all that stuff went down with my kidneys. Everything I've done so far has been approved by the OB/GYN, but there are so many things I took with "very minor risks" and I worry that there have been too many very minor risks. If they don't hear a heartbeat with the little hand-held thingy, I'm going to push for an ultrasound. As long as it's beating, I can handle anything else.

I'm still cranking out hats as fast as possible for the upcoming craft fair in December. I'm super-stoked about it, but I'm devoting all my time to churning out as much product as I can, which means the rest of my incredibly long list of homemade Christmas gifts won't get started until December 8th, and I'm a bit nervous about that.

I thought I'd take today to update you guys on two different topics. With hindsight bias, we now know that it's probably a good thing we didn't get that house we put an offer on. Back in the spring, there were so many pros and cons to both buying and renting, and it was impossible to know how things would turn out. But I don't think it's just a coincidence that we didn't get the house and renting turned out to be the best thing for us. Thanking God for always being there for us for that one.

That being said, life is renter-world is not perfect. I'm sick of apartment living. It's so not conducive to a family. I'm so ready for a house, but at the same time, I'm so sick of moving! I don't want to rent/buy a house next summer because I am so sick of moving every summer! Oi. We're just taking things one step at a time: see what happens with work; see what happens with a new baby; see what happens with the economy.

Second update: I still really miss Chicago. I miss being able to take daily walks; I miss running on the beach (not that I've been doing much running since getting uber-sick pregnant, however); I miss historic buildings on street corners; I'm pre-missing downtown at Christmas.

That being said, I am enjoying the benefits of non-mega-city life. Like driving to doctor's appointments, guaranteed parking when I get home (an assigned carport space is included in our rent!), and the quiet. At first I thought it was eerily quiet here, but I've grown to like it. I put Abigail down for a nap, and plop down on the couch, and it's just...quiet. It's kinda nice.

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