14 November 2013

Preparations Full Speed.

Sometimes we have these mornings where Abigail wakes up on the wrong side of the crib. She refuses to use her signs and just screams. About everything. All the time. She could be angry that her little grocery cart got stuck on a book and won't roll anymore. She could be hungry and wanting breakfast. She could be angry about something I can't guess. But she won't. tell. me. She won't sign "help" or "hungry" or even "mad." She just yells so loudly that my eyeballs want to pop out. It's like her anger floods the streets of communication and she can't get her little canoe signs through the treacherous waves.

It did this here a few days ago:

And it actually stuck around for a day or two before it all melted away. I love snow, but I hate driving in it/ice. I love winter much more in the city, since you rarely have to drive in it.

* * * * *

Craft fair preparations are moving full-speed ahead. I'm still feeling all first trimestery, so as soon as Abigail is in bed, I grab a movie and my knitting needles. My goal is to make 60 new hats for the fair and I've got 43 so far.

I'll then pull some stock from my Etsy shop to sell (if it doesn't sell before then), including this chunky crochet baby blanket:

And my crochet fruit:

I'm also going to try to finish up a girl's baby blanket in time for the craft fair as well:

I want all the product made by Thanksgiving (exactly two weeks away!). That will give me about a week to get all my product sorted, tagged, and labeled:

and get all the logistics figured out (like how to take custom orders, when I want to start discounting merchandise, how to keep track of sold product sizes/colors/etc), and I'll need to get together with my craft fair business partner to prepare our table displays. Craft fairs are more complicated than I realized, but I actually really enjoy the work. I have a feeling this first attempt is going to be fraught with learning experiences. If my product sells well, I would definitely be interested in doing more in the future. Hopefully those aren't my famous last words!

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