31 October 2013

Quality Control

She's not a baby anymore.

I was browsing through old pictures the other day and completely amazed at how quickly time has passed; amazed at how "a ton of hair" looked at 6 months of age; amazed at how her nose hasn't changed a bit; amazed at how she still acts a little surprised when I get excited about one of her accomplishments, "I'm sitting, Mom, NBD."

Obviously we just want a healthy baby. But if God was like, "Hey, you pick," I'd pick girl. I wanna keep doing pink for a little longer.

You can never take too many pictures. Sometimes the pictures I hated at the time turn out to be my favorites. I need to do one of those Shutterfly picture books or something because with each new push toward independence, I love remembering her baby chubs.

* * * * *

So Cinderley Designs and I are going in together to do our very first craft show in December, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I think the target audience is perfect, and I'm working hard to build up a good quantity and diversity of product in time.

Boy hats and girl hats in infant, toddler, child, and adult sizes. Lots of color palettes. High quality. Inexpensive pricing.

Of course, Quality Control was on site 24/7 to be sure everything could withstand the fury of a two-year-old.

I guess Quality Control needs a babyccino break. Anyway, I'll publicize the details when the date approaches in case anybody in the Michigan area would like to swing by : )

* * * * *