29 October 2013

From Now Until 2014

I'm fully recovered from the Stent From Hell. It took a good 2.5 days longer than the doctor said it would, but I haven't had any lingering pains in three days now. We're back to "just" first trimester symptoms. On week 11 now - which is one week and two days longer than the second pregnancy - and this is still the worst of all three pregnancies. I'm a miserable pregnant.

Last week, I was contemplating taking a hiatus from my blog for a few months, and I wanted to explain why and what my decision is. Back when we were in law school, the focus of my blog was always "law school." Eventually I incorporated some "special needs parenting" in there and slowly my blog began to shift to more of a "Jacqueline's Life" blog and that has made me really uncomfortable at times. I don't want to blast my personal life on the Internet. I struggled as we settled into Chicago with what direction to take my blog, but never came to any conclusions. Now I feel like we're finally stable and can move on with normal family life, so the only things I have left to talk about are personal stuff! Going through everything with the kidneys and pregnancy and setting our #1 goal financial makes for some really personal blog fodder. And Abigail is getting older and I have to start thinking about her privacy. So I was thinking about taking a break for a bit and doing some deep thinking. I still plan to do the thinking part, but I figured out a way to keep the blog up while doing so.

I have a huge heap of craft projects going on with the final deadline falling on Dec 25th, so from now until the new year, I plan to blog about crafting. My long-term plan would then be to return to the memoirs until the baby is born (if, of course, we don't have another miscarriage). Lots of time to figure things out. Regular readers will be rewarded with occasional Chica and baby updates. In the meantime, I plan to stop posting about my blog on Facebook to add an extra layer of "laying low"-ness.

So. Crafty. Part of the reason I ceased the memoirs is to put my Etsy shop first and foremost.

Things started with a bang when I opened on January 31st of this year; I had quick, frequent sales, was up to a sale a week almost instantly, and more than half of my sales came from random buyers (ie, people I didn't know in real life). As the weather warmed, sales started declining, so I created a line of light-weight hats and play fruit, but there were no takers.

I seriously expected this stuff to fly off the shelves!
In the five hottest months of the year, I had one sale. I was pretty bummed. The only thing holding me back from closing up shop was the desire to get Sheep & Co solvent before calling it quits; I didn't want an ugly red number staring back at me from Excel for the rest of all time. I told Matt I'd give it one more winter. Then late September hit. Bam! Back to a sale a week instantly.

So just as I decide to handmake all eight of my nieces and nephews Christmas presents (again), make one of Abigail's presents, and make two sets of parents presents, Sheep & Co is like, "Yay, winter hats!" Plus Sheep & Co will be doing a craft fair in early December (I will reveal details closer to the fair date for all those of you who live near by!) So I will have lots to blog about in craft world.

It's a good thing lying on the couch feeling all "first trimester-y" is super conducive to getting lots of crafting done.

Coming on Thursday (or Friday. I only promise to blog again by the end of the week!), pictures of craft fair preparations!

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