07 October 2013

31 Days - No Excuses

I am participating in a 31 Days Campaign and am finally going to finish my memoirs. About her.


I got in 30 minutes of writing today. No joke. And half of that time I was also playing Katy Perry in the background to pacify a certain unnamed toddler who was pretty sure I needed to deleted entire sections at random (don't worry, command + z exists for a reason). But every time I want to beat myself up for only clocking 30 minutes, I remind myself that that's 30 minutes more that wouldn't exist if it weren't for this 31 Days Campaign. You see, my kidneys have been offering me some trouble, then Matt got sick, and today, Abigail woke up sick. Plus now I'm back to feeling under the weather. I pretty much only got two things done today. And if dinner didn't involve my fancy new slow cooker, it wouldn't have gotten done either. A bulk of my to-do list had to wait until Matt got home from work, which doesn't leave me with much writing time today. But I got in 30 minutes. That's 30 minutes that I wouldn't have clocked if I hadn't made a very public commitment.

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