03 October 2013

31 Days - Eking Something Out

I am participating in a 31 Days Campaign and am finally going to finish my memoirs. About her.


I wrote today. And I totally wouldn't have if it weren't for the 31 Days Campaign.

You see, I tend to feel that if I can't dedicate a huge chunk of time to writing, I shouldn't even bother. And I don't have all of tonight to work on the memoirs. But I decided to squirrel away for an hour and do some key-pounding. It was pretty difficult at first. Trying to remember where I was and what I had already written. My writing was choppy and transitions awkward. At one point I decided the memoirs are the most terrible thing I've ever written and should never see the light of day. Then I nearly fell into the "maybe I'll just re-read and edit what I've previously written" trap. But I managed to climb out and get some actual writing done. And by the time an hour was up, I was on a roll. But I have to stop. Because I have other things to accomplish before the night is over. I don't want to burn out. And I need to save something for later.

It felt really good to get some work done on it, and I'm reminded how very true it is that

I'm further along that I thought I was, and I came up with a great "End Scene" that I think will bring a sense of conclusion to a story that we're still living. There are a few sections that I don't think work well together and will need some serious re-writing, but it'll be nice when I can say I have the rough draft complete. Maybe by next week?

My goal is to have the manuscript ready to send to trust worthy acquaintances by October 31st. I'll edit their changes over the holidays and hopefully be out shopping for a publisher after the new year. We'll see, those are my goals.

And as of right now, I'm one hour closer.

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