14 October 2013

31 Days - Editing the Fresh Stuff

I am participating in a 31 Days Campaign and am finally going to finish my memoirs. About her.


Surprisingly enough, I did get a bit of time last night to continue editing. I got through all the work that had already been heavily edited, so I was able to move quickly, but then I slammed into the fresher material and could feel myself slowing down significantly. Re-reading, re-writing, trying to figure out where paragraphs would be more logical. I think I need to make a clearer outline so that I can keep things organized.

On top of the book, I've also been working on Christmas presents (I'm hand making a lot of them), my Etsy shop (the orders started flowing in again once the temperatures dropped!), and I'm going to start working on product for a craft show I'll be in this December pretty soon. It's going to take some effort on my part to be sure nothing stays on the back burner too long.

In the meantime, I realized recently that we really hate Mondays around here, so I concocted the idea to try to do something fun, even if it's small, on Mondays to give us something to look forward to. Tonight we're having BBQ pork ribs in my new slow cooker. Ribs is easily one of my favorite meals, so I find that pretty exciting.

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