12 October 2013

31 Days - Blog v. Memoir

I am participating in a 31 Days Campaign and am finally going to finish my memoirs. About her.


31 days is a lot of days to write about this memoir, so if you have a question or would like me to talk more about a particular subject, just leave me a comment (on a post of your choosing between now and Oct 31!) and I'll make sure to answer it during this campaign. (And Mrs. S, I have your question in my arsenal of blog topics, so don't think I forgot!)

A lot of my material comes from posts I've already written on this blog. Emotions I felt, problems we worked through, that sorta thing. To me, it begs the question: why buy the book if you read the blog? To be honest, I'm not sure the answer is very clear.

1. For starters, the book is the condensed version. If you wanted to know everything I went through, you'd have to read years worth of blog posts and that would be time consuming.

2. Hindsight bias is more insightful and more eloquent.

3. Blogs don't have organized conflict, climax, and resolution. It doesn't have to have character development. And sometimes it doesn't even have a plot. But the book has to. That makes it a more interesting read.

4. I am more open and honest in the book than on the blog, mostly thanks to aforementioned hindsight bias. Do you remember when I very first told you that Abigail had Down syndrome? When Matt read the post, the first thing he said was, "wow, you really couched that." At the time, I got all defensive and denied it, but looking back now, it's totally true. I also felt like if I wasn't okay with Down syndrome that it meant I didn't love Abigail. I healed over time, so now I can approach things now in a more honest way than I could before.

5. There are a few things in the book that aren't on the blog, but I'm not sure how much of that new material is particularly juicy. Maybe I should add a few scenes that didn't appear on the blog? That's actually a pretty good idea...

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