06 October 2013

31 Days - Birthday Style

I am participating in a 31 Days Campaign and am finally going to finish my memoirs. About her.


Today is my birthday! And I am not ashamed to tell you all that I'm 27-years-old today. Google even noticed.

Turning 27 officially moves me from being in my "early twenties" or "mid twenties" into my "late twenties," which means the big 3-0 is on the horizon. When the big 3-0 is around the corner, you get excited when the hubby buys you a slow cooker for your birthday. (Seriously, though, when it's this cute, how could anyone complain?) But it's also getting me thinking about all the things I want to do before I leave the "twenty-somethings." Like have two more kids. And pay off all our law school debt, making us completely debt-free. And buy a house (which will mean our only debt will be a mortgage). And publish a book. I've long wanted to publish a book before I turned 30.

I'm not getting much writing done this weekend, but the beginning of next week finally slows down a bit for me, so I'm planning to spend an hour each evening banging on some keys. And blogging afterward.

Until then, I'm off to eat cake.


Amelia said...

Wow...you've got some big goals for the next 3 years! Good for you! You can do it! I had my 3rd kid shortly after my 30th birthday and had bought a house (and subsequently sold it) by that time. Did NOT publish a book though....hopefully you are able to do that! My husband hadn't started law school yet by that point...but at the time, we were debt-free. :)

Liz E. said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is one pretty dang cute slower cooker :o).