22 July 2013

The Last-Evers

Thank goodness the heat broke. It was getting quite intense. It was 90 degrees inside our apartment and even with two fans and 16 windows, we barely made it through. We did a lot of sweating, spent every spare moment in the cold Lake Michigan waters, and struggled through a daily mid-afternoon "today is going to be the end of me" meltdown.

But now we're back to enjoying the pleasant 80 degree days in these final four days until we move.

Our final week put us well into the Chicago last-evers.
"This is the last time we'll ever walk to this church."
"This is the last time we'll ever shop here."
"This is the last Saturday we'll be in Chicago."

Packing is going smoothly on this here last-ever week of life in Chicago. I spend the mornings packing, nap time relaxing, and post-nap time catching up on other non-packing moving tasks, like arranging Abigail's therapies in Michigan. I love having Matt's help, unlike most of our other moves when he needed to be studying for finals, and delegate him tasks he can do during his lunch break or in the evenings. I do try to reserve evenings and weekends for family time, though. (a two-year-old can only handle so much packing). On our last-ever Saturday, the day before Ernest Hemingway's 114th birthday, we decided to take a drive out into the suburbs to his birthplace to visit the Hemingway museum and family home. It took us 60 minutes to drive 15 miles.

I'm wearing Abigail in an Ergo on my back, but you can't see her as she's totally conked out.

Despite the birthday celebrations, there were no lines or crowds to get into any exhibits. The curators had quite a collection on their hands, everything from "Ernest Hemingway's typewriter" to "Ernest Hemingway's high school's graduation invitation" to "Ernest Hemingway's mother's drawing of the Hemingways' dream home."

Here is Abigail in front of Ernest Hemingway's family home until he was 7:

Abigail and Matt having a conversation in front of Ernest Hemingway's family home's oak tree:

Abigail sitting on Ernest Hemingway's family home's oak tree's acorns:

I'm still in love with the man, though. And while we didn't visit his vacation home in Key West when were in Florida, I will one day.

Other fun-time things in between packing this box and packing that box include Abigail sobbing because she didn't think she could climb off Matt's briefcase:

And Abigail desperately trying to feed kitty some treats she found.

It wasn't for lack of trying that kitty went without.

Hopefully that'll be enough Abigail pictures to tide everyone over. Another post coming this week, but it'll probably the last one until we get Internet in our new place.

Moving day in T-minus 4 days.

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Anonymous said...

Emma has same outfit! Good luck with everything!