19 July 2013

5 Minute Friday: Belong

5 Minute Friday hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker.

Five Minute Friday

Today's topic: Belong


We all have groups of friends with whom we feel we belong. But the older I get and the more complicated my life gets, the more I realize that I don't belong with just one group of people. I have my Ds community friends, and we all have in common a child with Down syndrome, but that's about the only running theme. I have my Catholic girl friends, and we get together and have girls' nights and hangouts. Some of us are married, some aren't, some have lots of kids, some don't. Then I have my book club friends and the only thing we all have in common is enjoy reading and drinking. Back when we were still in law school, I had my "law school wives" friends. These girls were usually all religious, since our hubbies went to a Catholic law school, but some were Mormon and some just called themselves "Christians." If you cut out any one of my groups, I'm a bit lost. I belong with all of them, but not solely with any one of them. We don't talk books at girls' nights and we don't talk Ds at book club.

Life has gotten more complicated and to whom I belong has gotten more diverse, but even as we move around the country, I try to keep in touch with friends from my old groups and find new groups to join. Because we all belong somewhere.



~Stephanie Wafer said...

So true! I love how one simple thing can bring people of many walks of life together for fellowship. We come together because of one tie, but we relate to one-another because we have so much more in common than labels and definitions. The things we walk through day by day, moment by minute moment are common among women, and we all really can relate more than we originally thought. Stopped by from Lisa-Jo's space :)

sarasamomx5 said...

Yeah, the older we get the more our lives branch out and we can no longer fulfill all our interests/needs in one group of people. It's probably better that way anyway. Glad you have groups for each of your needs. Especially the DS group. I've had a few SN kids and the support groups have almost always been a great blessing. They get it when our other friends can't. :)

Denise said...

enjoyed this.