24 June 2013

The Countdown Begins

We're back from Michigan. As we lugged duffle bags, a high chair, and three water bottles to and from the car, Matt commented that he couldn't wait until we could use our vacation days to take a vacation.


We arrived in Michigan late Wednesday night and, as you may have read at the end of my 5 Minute Friday post, the next morning, we finally heard back about the house. Rejected. The seller's bank requested our highest and best offer before they moved on, but the offer we first submitted was our highest and best (we weren't messing around). We aren't in love with the house and do have concerns about buying a house at the same time we're starting a new job, so we're okay with loosing the house.

We browsed apartments, townhomes, and houses for rent and ended up exactly where I didn't think I wanted to be again: a traditional apartment.

When we factored in feelings of neighborhood security, size, and overall price, we found ourselves charmed by a stable complex in a suburb of Lansing. The two bedroom, two bathroom unit is laid out in typical-apartment style. There is no patio/balcony, but we do have a washer and dryer off the kitchen, and the bedrooms are massive enough to have an additional two kids. The complex feels incredibly safe and a majority of their residents have lived there upward of three years. It is only about 15-20 minutes for Matt to drive to work (or me to drive him on days when I need the car). We turned in our application on Friday but haven't heard back yet. I know our background and resources will check out, but that's not my worry. Matt and I have been wondering if we'll get rejected because he's a lease-reader.

You heard me, a lease-reader. He's a new attorney, so as you can imagine, he insists on reading every contract he signs. And if you actually read contracts, they'll make you sick. So he reads the lease, then wants to discuss the lease, and the orange-skinned, mini-skirt wearing tramp who works in the main office kind-of freaks out when Matt starts discussing the inappropriateness of the whole "this is in your lease, but we don't actually do it that way anyway, so don't worry, but sign on the dotted line anyway" thing. Ugh. I'm just want to get this over and done with so we can know where we'll be living. And we're outta time for another trip to Michigan.

In the meantime, I booked the U-Haul this morning. I'm not going to start packing until July 1st (next week) and I've finished developing new product for my Etsy shop until we get settled in Michigan, so I'm treating this week as my fun/random project week. I've got a few t-shirts to turn in to tank tops, some of Matt's shirts could (desperately) use ironing, some random bags of beans in the cupboard I need to pre-soak so we can use them up before we move, and an adorable two-year-old who would probably love one last trip to Chicago's (free) zoo before we leave for good.


Liz said...

I'm sorry your house didn't work out, but glad that you found a place that you like. Hope it all pans out, despite the move! I don't think my husband has ever put up a stink about a lease -- perhaps he's one of those "that'll never hold up in court" people or something.

p.s. when are you guys actually moving?

Liz said...

Ooop -- that got messed up. It should have said "lease and all!" not "despite the move!" weird!

Jacqueline said...

Give thanks that your husband is not a lease-reader! Matt's contracts professor said that *he* doesn't even read half the contracts he signs because they are non-negotiable (cell phones contracts, for example). Anyway, we are outta here on July 26/27th.