27 June 2013

Cue Boxes

I want to begin by assuring any and all readers that product from my Etsy shop is bed bug free. I seal my product after making it to keep pet dander from getting to it, and a pet dander seal is a bed bug seal. It is completely safe.

That being said, this is my life now!

So, bugs. Contrary to my wildest dreams, Joe the bug guy was not planning to eradicate my problem, only diagnose it. Surprise, surprise, my bed bug is a bed bug. While Joe was inspecting the place, the maintenance man showed up. He also confirmed that my bed bug is a bed bug. He also indicated that the complex manager would be upset to know I'd hired my own bug guy. Joe diagnosed me with a super new, super small infestation (he said he wouldn't even use the word "infestation," which made me very happy). He did find one other bed bug lounging around on my couch, but found no other evidence of bugs. No droppings, no nests, nothing. He agrees with my theory that we probably picked a few up while we were out in the city (like Matt on the train) or from some recent guests who did a stint in a Chicago hotel. He told us there was no need to toss any furniture. It took several phone calls, but I finally got something set up through the apartment complex-approved bug guy for tomorrow. He'll actually spray this time. He wanted to send out another guy to do another diagnosis, but I insisted that we skip that step.

Bed bug spray downs are worse than roach spray downs. With roaches, all we did was empty the kitchen, clear off the counters in the bathroom, and put away Abigail's teething toys. Then we took her and the kitties to a friend's place for four hours while they bombed the joint. But with bed bugs, let me tell you...

They sent over a 21-point checklist of things I need to do before and after the treatment. It includes sealing in plastic bags all fabric items, including bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, towels, all the clothes in everyone's dresser and closets. Including Abigail's baby clothing that is boxed up on the top shelf of her closet. It needs to be taken out and everything needs to be washed and dried on high heat. Remember that we don't have a washer or dryer in our apartment. If we wash before the treatment, they will need to wait in new plastic bags until the apartment has been cleared. We need to empty all nightstands and furniture in the rooms "where the residents normally spends [sic] time in the home." That means I should clear all bookshelves, the desk, everything. Completely empty everything where I put stuff. This also includes all closets, even the ones that don't have linen in them. All frames need to be taken down from the wall. All furniture needs to be moved one foot away from the baseboard.

Are you kidding me?

As long as I'm packing up for the bug guys, I might as well pack up for moving. So bed-bug free things that I can live without until Michigan are being boxed up. So much for fun project week. As boxes pile up in the dining room, my smart cat (the black one) has already launched into panic mode. Using this check list right here, I'm going to be through week two by the end of week one, which means we're going to be living in a sea of boxes for way more time than necessary. Ugh. The best laid plans...will I ever learn? Anyway, the cats love the boxes as a way to escape from Abigail as she can now reach most surfaces in the house on which they are allowed to be.

I don't yet have enough boxes to create more than one window seat and the cats have already gotten into three fights so far today about who's Kitty of the Box.

Well that's all the resting time I get today. I have more packing/prepping to do, plus Abigail has therapy today and there is a showing scheduled for this afternoon. Because my apartment complex is the type to show the actual unit for rent instead of a model. Even though I'm living here.


Liz said...

For. The. Love.

Amelia Bentrup said...

I love that cat fight picture..classic!

Sorry about the bugs..yow...that's a lot of work to get rid of them.