21 June 2013

5 Minute Friday: Rhythm

Five Minute Friday

Today's topic: Rhythm


We all get into rhythms in our daily lives, the routines that get us through the doldrums of February and that awkward time in early July where it is wicked hot and no one wants to do anything. With our pending move, we're abandoning our comfortable rhythm for the stress of house hunting (out of state, mind you), and as I look ahead to packing, I know that I shouldn't make any plans for the month of July or expect any comfortable routines. In five short weeks, we'll move to Michigan, and have to begin the process of setting new routines and falling into new rhythms. Sometimes it'll be awkward and I feel really homesick, I know from past experience, for roots that I don't have. But as the time passes and the new rhythms set in, we'll start to feel more comfortable.

And then, knowing us, we'll probably move again.


Yesterday morning we found out that our offer on the house was rejected. The seller's bank requested our highest and best offer. Which is the one we submitted (we weren't messing around). Anyway, so we applied for an apartment in a suburb to the south of Lansing (where Matt will be working). We had high hopes about this place until we showed up this morning to turn in the paperwork and discovered that this office staff, like all apartment office staff, makes me want to live in a cave. It's like the owners mosey on down to the local employment office and say, "I want to hire all your staff who can't hold down jobs. The ones who haven't worked in 5 months and got fired from their last job. And PS, the dress code for their new job will be short skirts and shirts low-cut enough to make future tenets blush." And then they put them in charge of the front office.

Ay-yi-yi. But now the hard work is done and we're going to spend the rest of our time in Michigan playing Euchre and eating steak.

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Jessie said...

It's been a long time since I moved but I can sure relate to the messed up routines.

I hope you get settled soon, at least for a while and can make some great friends and some amazing memories. :)

I'm your FMF neighbor!