28 June 2013

5 Minute Friday: In Between

Five Minute Friday

Today's topic: In Between


I feel like we're always "in between" goals in life. We see our family and MI friends once a year and everyone asks the same question, "So what are you guys up to?" The answer is always somehow related to a goal we're working on reaching.

"Well, Matt graduates law school next year, so we'll be looking for a job!"

"Well, Matt graduated law school now and has a job in Chicago. But it's only a one-year-long position!"

"Well, Matt got a job in Michigan, but it's only for 1-3 years, so we'll move again for a bit, then see where life takes us after that!"

Most of our friends aren't doing the gypsy-thing and they have stable lives and homes where they don't switch doctors a few times a year and they have more than one 1.5 person couch because they don't move much, and they don't use upside-down milk crates as nightstands because instead of renting U-hauls, they spend their money on nice furniture.

We're always in between, but I honestly sometimes like it. We're always working towards something big and grandiose. We're chasing our wildest dreams in an on-the-road adventure. We pack light (except for our books, cough, cough), and we don't get attached to material things. Sometimes I awkwardly ask my stable friends, "So...what are your, like, five year goals and stuff?" I want to know what people who aren't moving every 9 months strive toward. One day, that will be us. When we aren't so in-between.


Dang, five minutes is fast.

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Bekka said...

As someone who moved four times in the space of four and a half years (two of those moves being greater than 500 miles!), I feel you. It's hard, especially when you find yourself comparing what you have with that others have. I get that. I'm still there, in that comparison place.

But I urge you to take joy - you've probably seen and experienced more than most and it has left its mark on you in the form of wisdom. It will come in handy at some point (if it hasn't already), I'm sure :)