07 June 2013

5 Minute Friday: Fall

I'm back to the 5 Minute Friday link up after an attempt a few weeks ago. I get 5 minutes to write - no edited.

Five Minute Friday

Today's topic: Fall


The first thing I thought when I saw this topic was: Abigail falling. She's learning how to walk and even though she took her first steps nearly 6 weeks ago, she is still only taking 4-5 steps at a time and usually the last 1-2 are half falling.

I get so caught up in my world, the world of my firstborn, that I forget what she does is not normal. We work so hard, put so much blood, literally, sweat, literally, and tears, literally, into each step that when she is successful, I'm so overcome with joy. Then I hop online to Facebook and see videos and pictures of friends' kids, half Abigail's age, talking their first steps, standing on coffee tables, their posture confident, their steps filled with pride. Then I remember: we're not normal. And it hurts.

It's that balance that I walk everyday. Usually I'm so ensconced in my own world that I forget she's delayed. Then something from the outside comes in, smacks me in the face, and I remember.


5 minutes is really damn short when you're counting. I know that I never took nor posted videos of Abigail walking last weekend, but this time I promise that I will take some this weekend for another post on Monday.


Genevieve Thul said...

I was so blessed to come here through Five Minute Friday! I have a 6 year old who was born healthy but had a series of brain infections at age 3 that have left her with significant special needs. I know that "shout it from the rooftops" feeling when she accomplishes something we have been working literally YEARS to re-teach her!! God is good, even in the extraordinary lives of our special children.

Karmen said...

Each step=VICTORY!
No pain goes in vain! Believing God is writing an AMAZING story with each of your lives. Thanks for sharing.

Lori Harris said...

I love the way you shared your story and I love the rawness of your words. Authentically beautiful, even in the hurt.