05 May 2013

Swimsuits and Cinnamon Bread

I know I don't usually blog on Sundays, but I've got about 30 minutes before I need to get dinner started and Matt agreed to take Abigail, so here I am with lots of pictures.

It has been a good weekend. One of those rare weekends where we were able to strike a perfect balance between focused work and fun family time. Matt and I totally clicked as we passed of "Chica duty" from one parent to the other so we could each accomplish some tasks. We went for a morning run (jogging strollers are wonderful, even just as "all terrain walking strollers"), took an evening walk, practiced standing on our own (Chica is getting pretty good), and after Abigail went down for the night, played a few games and watched a movie. On Saturday I made some A-MAZ-ING homemade cinnamon bread. I have this really old cookbook (first published in 1896, but my edition was printed in in 1941) that I picked up at a flea market a few years ago because it looked really cool, but never used. You know the type - loose binding, old-timey type faces, an "old book" smell. After a few months of unsuccessful cinnamon breads, I finally gave this one a try on Saturday and it came out WONDERFULLY! I think I'm going to make it our secret family recipe - I can pass it along to all my kids and hope they keep up the tradition. The old fashioned cooking instructions took work (how do you scald milk?!), but in the end...perfection.

After church this morning we had homemade cinnamon bread and for dinner we're having cinnamon french toast.

This afternoon we also headed up to a park in a little suburb just north of the city limits. It's right on Lake Michigan.

After a few laps around the toddler playground, we settled down on a grassy knoll for a picnic. Well, Matt and I settled. Abigail took off like a teenager at the mall, and Matt and I spent the rest of the lunch placing bets on how far she'd go before she'd chicken out and head back to home base.

It was the first time we've ever really let her run wild at a park before. Toddler playgrounds are usually sand, mulch, or dirt, so we really only let her walk while holding our hands, but once we found a goose poop-free grass zone, we just let her run. She was drunk with giddiness. Maybe we should just let her scoot around a soccer field for her second birthday.

Her afternoon nap was really excellent.

During said nap, I stole away to Target (Matt was at home), and while I had no intention of coming home with baby stuff, I soon found myself enthralled by the cutest baby swim suit ever.


The doctors advised us to keep Abigail's incision hidden from the sun for the first year after surgery, but even though the deadline ended about nine months ago, I still try to keep it out of the sun. I don't know, I'm just paranoid, I guess. Anyway, the surfer look is really in for toddlers right now, so I had an easy time.

If we still lived in Naples, we'd be going to the beach tonight, but alas, it'll probably still be a few months before we can test out the new suit. At least we'll be prepared in case we get invited to an indoor pool party or we get a free pass to the YMCA.

A few last things. I volunteered to work at the Printers Row Lit Fest!!! I love books and literature and I love Chicago, so I decided it would be a nice way for me to get involved in supporting the city I love. I don't usually do this sort of thing (I'm not a people person), but they have lots of behind-the-scenes work that I think I would enjoy. I'm unusually excited about this...I guess I don't get out much.

Anyway, our daily sandwich bread:

The whole family gets involved in my crochet projects:

My view from my computer:

Happy Sunday, my friends!

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