28 May 2013

Girl Love

This past long weekend was one of those super-fun-jam-packed, feels-like-it-was-way-longer types. The kind of weekend where you keep saying "yes" because you know the precious time you get with these wonderful people is too short to go to bed on time or wash the dishes. When two of my sister-in-laws came to visit, we did things Breakfast at Tiffany's style and each tried new things we'd never done.  I rode the ferris wheel on Navy Pier, drank a cosmo, and got my cartilage pierced. We decided to postpone getting tattoos until our next girls' trip.

But my favorite part of the trip were the heart-to-hearts. Maybe because my love language is quality time or maybe because I haven't really hung out with these girls in forever, but as we breezed along the busy sidewalks and crowded into one fitting room with arms full of clothes, we caught up. We talked about the miscarriage, kid issues, husband issues, money issues, work issues, spiritual issues. We talked about our dreams and our goals and our fears. And in between "OMG, your butt looks amazing in those jeans" and "if you don't buy that dress, I'm going to buy it for you," we promised to raise one another's children like our own.

It wasn't the type of vacation that ended with everyone going home feeling rested, but the type that left everyone feeling loved, connected, and with a sense of security.

Sitting around a mirror doing make-up together, storing one another's purchases in our purses, and cracking that one inside joke from way back when is very unfamiliar to me. I had a pretty isolated childhood and things like girls' shopping trips and sleepovers were few and far between. Like I've said before, I've owned cars longer than I've had any friend other than Matt or lived at any one address. So when someone wants to hang out with me or borrow my scarf, I feel pretty flattered. When they push past my shyness and social awkwardness and want to hear about my personal struggles and they listen with compassion, well, I melt.

Abigail, despite her shyness, was thrilled to have so many girls to hang out with. And her aunts were thrilled to connect with their long-lost niece. While we did reserve a day for just us adult girls, we spent lots of time with all five of us as well.

To Chicago, to girls' trips, to best friends. To holding each other's hands when we get our ears pierced, being honest about the color of that t-shirt, and going for runs on 5 hours of sleep.

I love this city, but "See you in two months" is a lot easier to say than "Goodbye."

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