24 May 2013

Five Minute Friday

Two of my sister-in-laws are currently on the road, headed to my apartment at this very moment. I'm very thankful to have married into an awesome family, so that previous sentence pretty much reads "two of my best friends are currently on the road." They are scheduled to arrive in a few hours and I just got back from a quick run, so I've got a bit of freshening up to do (both me and the apartment), so it's gonna be a quickie today, folks. It should be a fun long weekend and I'm definitely looking forward to a girls' day tomorrow.

I'm actually going to test out a link-up, something I don't normally do. It's called 5 Minute Friday. I get 5 minutes to write about one topic steam-of-consciousness style. IE, no editing, over-thinking, or backtracking.

Five Minute Friday

Today's topic? View.


As my long-time readers know, I move a lot. This means I've had a lot of different views outside my apartment window. When my husband and I were first married, we moved into a wonderful little apartment with a lake view in a rundown suburb of Ann Arbor called Ypsilanti. We had a screened-in porch (highly unusual in Michigan) and we practically lived on it. The view was mostly parking lot, but if you craned your neck, you could see a hint of man-made Ford Lake. The view was taken in by exited newlyweds with their first "real place."

Our next stop was Naples, Florida where our apartment overlooked an unnaturally turquoise pond that occasionally housed an otter. It also had a screen porch, so common in Florida that nearly everyone had one. It was with that view that I found out I was pregnant with Abigail, and it was that porch that I sat on to make the weekly bad-news phone calls.

We spent the summer in Michigan (Matt had an internship), but we returned in the fall to Naples, where we had another screen porch, this one overlooking a forested area. It was gorgeous and it was on the porch and Abigail and I spent a lot of time growing, healing, and learning to love Naples.

We spent the summer in Michigan again (with Matt studying for the bar), but we moved to Chicago in the fall. Now I have a city view. Vintage buildings and historic trees. Crowded streets and street sweepers. Congestion and firetrucks. Excitement.

Next fall we'll be moving back to Michigan and possibly buying a house. As much as I complain about moving, the truth is, I'm scared that once we stop moving and my view stops changing, I'm going to be bored.


Okay, technically that was 6.5 minutes (not counting the time it took to insert photos). I didn't edit (not that hard), backtrack (pretty hard), or over-think (super hard).

Now back to that whole "I should probably dust since I have people coming over" thing. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, my friends. Celebrate it by getting out, at least once this weekend, either to barbecue with friends, take a hike, or hell, just sit in the sun in your front yard and read a good book.


Denise said...

Enjoyed your view.

Anonymous said...

My view this weekend is the lake at my in laws house thawing out and breaking up. I do miss the Midwest this spring, with our uber late thaw and barely budding trees. Heck, we had snow last weekend that stuck for two days!

But thanks for your view, it gives me hope!