30 May 2013

Abigail and House Updates

Sometimes when I read other people's blogs and they discuss a particular topic that is really difficult for them or a habit they are working on, I often wonder weeks later how that event turned out. So today I'm going to run through a few updates on ongoing topics of my own. If you're curious about a topic I didn't cover, leave a comment and I'll add an "update" section to the end of this blog post.

Abigail's Vomiting
I think it was some combination of stomach bug plus the return of the reflux, but after about 2.5 weeks of nearly non-stop projectile vomiting, she's back to normal. Still some small bouts, but reflux never really goes away. Her therapists have noticed an increase in activity level, attitude, and attention span, so I think we're probably out of the woods. The excessive laundry it required to make it through put us overbudget in the May quarters department, though.

Abigail Walking
After taking a few random steps in late April, Abigail finally took her second set of steps last week. We can get her to take 3-4 steps (4-5 if the last 1-2 half-falling-into-the-table steps count). She can stand up without pulling on anything and squat down and return to standing without falling. I tried unsuccessfully to take a few videos of her walking, but will try again this weekend. She finally got approved for some orthotics and a SPIO vest, which should dramatically improve her ability to stand and walk.

The House
We still don't know anything about the house. We keep getting bits of good news, but the problem is that we weren't expecting to need to worry about whatever thing we just found out we got through. I told our parents that it's like we're running a race, but we don't know how long it is. At various points along the track, someone shouts, "Congratulations, you make it to mile 13!" But we don't know how long we're going to be running, so we don't know how excited to be about mile 13. At the beginning of April, they told us they'd have a decision in 30 days. About 50 days later, we found out the negotiator approved our offer! Except, his job was just to approve it for the next higher up negotiator to review. How many levels of negotiators are there? Exactly.

We have to be outta this apartment by July 31st. Matt's new job starts August 12th. We've decided that we need an address by July 1st. We've done a lot of moving without knowing where we're going and it's way too stressful to do again. I want an address secured so that by July 1st, I can just stay in Chicago and worry about packing.

We're fast approaching the point that even if we do get the house, we won't be able to accept it. We'll need to do an appraisal, inspection, and finalize mortgage paperwork with our bank, all from out-of-state. Tick tock. Matt and I will be making another trip to Michigan in late June to do some apartment hunting, just in case.

Except we're wondering if we should pull our offer and just plan to live in an apartment. To put it vaguely, Abigail really racks up the medical bills and the day I lost the baby, we found out I was denied for medical coverage for that pregnancy, so we regularly make other large financial commitments. Matt and I are wondering if we would reach our financial goals faster if we take the predictable route of an apartment (no maintenance or repair costs), even if rent would be more than a mortgage payment. We haven't made any final decisions yet, but the more I pray about it, the more I lean toward renting for a few more years.

Speaking of the Miscarriage
I'd say I'm healed emotionally now. The most difficult part is seeing other pregnant women when I'm out and about and knowing that should have been me, but even that pain is lessening. We did decide to name the baby in the end, but we're not ready to share the name yet. I did buy this necklace (with the white pearl for April) from Etsy, which helps significantly. I have nothing except the necklace and the hospital bracelets here on earth to prove that my child existed. Having something tangible is really nice. Maybe I will get that tattoo after all to have another permanent reminder. Anyway, the necklace is very cheap and you can tell when you hold it that it isn't anything fancy, but it doesn't turn my neck green and that's what fits in the budget right now.

Photos I've been meaning to post, but haven't been able to fit into other blog posts.

Loud thunder freaks hearing kitty out. Deaf kitty? Not so much.

Abigail snatched the camera away and took this shot of her feet:

She's a really big fan of the dress up jewelry she got for her birthday.

I guess I got one of those girly types : )


Liz said...

I love the foot shot!

I know it's harder to look for rental houses than it is apartments, but if you don't end up buying, being in a house might feel more "settled" in the meantime. With kids it is so nice to be able to park next to your door and go outside to your own little patch of grass. (some areas between Cedar and Pennsylvania are low cost, pretty safe, and close to downtown)

Liz said...

p.s. Sorry to hear about the insurance stuff/medical bills. :(.

In A Perfect World said...

As much as I would love my own house, I will agree there are some positive aspects to renting, especially renting a house or condo *wink wink*

This spring our A/C had to be fixed. After several appraisals the estimated cost to fix it was $800-$1,000. And, the landlord took care of it! Plus we have our own front door, and a garage... Yay! for extra storage space we don't have to pay for! Not to mention a garage means not having to get up extra early in the winter to clean the snow and ice off your car. Condo living also means no yard work.

P.S. Love the girly girl pics! Let the Chica Princess training begin! :)