14 May 2013

A Pre-Birthday Abigail Post

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while. It isn't that I forget, it's that I just haven't really been feeling like myself lately. Down in the dumps a lot and there is no reason to whine online about my moods. I feel kind of stupid saying this, but I how I feel reminds me a lot of the postpartum depression I had after Abigail was born. It scares me a lot to know if that is the answer because I had really hoped a majority of the difficulty I had after Abigail was born was due to the insanely stressful circumstances surrounding her birth and the first three months of her life. I don't know how/if I can handle this every time I have a baby.

Abigail's vomiting got so bad, I started to wonder if she had a stomach bug. It's difficult to say because she had no other symptoms. On Wednesday, she'll be doing so well that I think we're out of the woods only to wake up on Thursday to the return of the projectile. She doesn't have much of an appetite (would you if the last time you ate a granola bar, it came out your nose?) but she's downing fluids, so we have no worries about dehydration.

Yesterday was good. Today is off to a very vomit-y start.

Abigail's second birthday is TOMORROW, so I thought it might be fun to give you some random Chica updates.

For the typically developing child, the "magic" year falls between 1 and 2. The child is finally walking, and you really start to see the personality flourish. New words come too fast to count, they finally have the physical skills to get around and explore the world in a whole new way. That year for a child with Down syndrome falls between 2 and 3, and we're really seeing Abigail take off. She is gaining new words through sign language incredibly quickly, she is showing interest in learning new signs, and she is able to understand far more of what I say that she can express.

Abigail's serious kitty-watching look

She absolutely loves helping. She'll happily fetch toys from across the room to put away, she'll "help" me tie my shoes, and she'll pick things up that have been dropped. If she's playing with my phone when a text message comes through, she'll bring the phone to me, and (I think because Matt plays the banker in board games), if you give her money, she'll give it to Matt. She flips every light switch we pass when I'm carrying her, tries to unlock the door to let people in (again, when I'm carrying her), she brings the cats their toys and (sometimes) will even close a baby gate if we accidentally leave it open. She loves music and if our windows are open and someone drives by blasting the radio, she'll stop and dance. It's pretty adorable.

She's almost walking. She can stand without holding on to anything and she can go from a sitting to a standing position without pulling up on anything. In addition, she can squat down from a standing position, pick something up off the floor, and return to a standing position without falling or holding onto anything for balance. Those transitions are hugely monumental. She can also walk around while pushing a push toy, wheeled chair, or light box. Her right leg and ankle are pretty weak and often give out. She does much better when wearing sturdy shoes. We're in the process of getting orthotics for her, and I fully believe that she'll start walking independently the very week she gets them.

Abigail on Mother's Day.

We went to the dentist for the first time yesterday and I am very happy to report that everything was amazing. Usually I have a very hard time getting quality care in this non-employer-provided-insurance world, but the hygienists were great with Abigail and, to my surprise, the dentist specializes in kids with Down syndrome! I knew teeth and Ds were a crazy combination, but the dentists outlined it further for us: it can mean teeth that are too big, too small, too close together, too spaced out, too many, or missing. It also means that teeth come in super late and in the wrong order (Abigail got her first tooth, a molar, at 16 months). Well, Abigail's top row of teeth look perfect, like something you'd see in the mouth of a typically developing child. But her bottom row appears to be missing a tooth. He said that it's possible that it'll just be very late-breaking, but the tooth that is not yet in is statistically the most commonly missing tooth in a kid with Ds, so it isn't likely to appear. Since adult teeth spring from the baby teeth, any teeth missing now won't grow in later. She's too little to have x-rays, so we don't know for sure what's underneath those gums.


Other randomness:

That cinnamon bread I was talking about:

Doing some research/brainstorming for my Etsy shoppe:

And lastly, we still haven't heard anything about the house yet. The bank reported that we should hear something in 30 days, but that was 45 days ago. Another update has been requested. Matt and I decided that we'd glance at houses, but probably rent if this house falls through. We only have 2.5 more months before we need to move, so we don't want to sift through another long house-buying process. We started researching apartments and found a few that look great online. While I'm dying for some stability, I do recognize the risks involved in buying a house with so many other major life changes going on (an out-of-state move and brand new job). I'll be okay with whatever happens with the house.

Okay, my friends, I've had a crazy-busy week and I've got a to-do list of housework a mile long and preparations for tomorrow. I promise a post on Monday regarding the party : )

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Anonymous said...

Do we get the recipe? You're killin' me with the cinnamon bread pics!

Also, I've had moodiness/depression/emotional highs and lows for about 4 months after each baby. Hormone crashes are hard, ESP after a miscarriage. -you'll be in our prayers!