01 April 2013

Tridium Weekend to its Fullest

This is one of the criteria I use to determine if a day was lived to its fullest: when the sky grows dark and your at that half-evening, almost-night point, does the morning feel like it happened a long time ago?

To me, that proves that I have crammed a lot of adventure into the day. So much adventure that it feels like more than 24 hours has gone by.

That's what every day of my 4-day weekend has felt like.

One lazy family morning - one morning I squeezed in a run and came home to have Matt ushering me out the door, insisting I spend get more me-time with a book in a coffeeshop. Of course on Sunday, we dressed Abigail up in a pink frilly dress and went to Mass - super cute.

One cozy afternoon family nap on the couch during Abigail's nap time.

One afternoon of getting outside in the nice weather - sometimes just a walk around the neighborhood, sometimes an afternoon drive through a historic town past some gorgeous, historic mansions and ending at a 60 acre park with the tot playground of Abigail's dreams.

One evening of Easter candy and couch time while Abigail plays with her Easter presents: bubbles, pudding cups, and a play tunnel.

One date-night of board games or a movie.

Layer all ingredients and repeat four times.

We also have in the fact that LENT IS OVER and HE IS RISEN! and we watched Mel Gibson's The Passion - that movie is so incredibly graphic, but every time I want to shy away, I just remind myself, this is a true story. Watch it. And be thankful. It's a powerful movie and brings me back to the true meaning of Easter.

Anyway, I don't have pictures because I forgot to take my camera with me on our adventures and the poor thing goes through batteries about every two days as of late. To compensate, I'll keep this post short.

Happy Easter, my friends!

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