29 April 2013

Adventures in the City

These last few days or so have been days of exciting adventures. On Thursday, Matt and I celebrated our 5th anniversary and our terrible, horrible neighbors were finally evicted. Speaking of the neighbors, on Saturday, five undercover cops in three unmarked squad cars showed up at our building looking for the idiots. I was quite annoyed that after all the complaints I've had, all the times I've called the cops on them, someone finally shows up two days too late. But I answered their questions politely, called the maintenance man for them, and they finally left.

Back to the anniversary.

On Thursday, Abigail and I took the train downtown where we met with Matt and went to the Institue of Art, which has free resident days on Thursday evenings. They had pieces from a lot of famous artists, including Picasso, Rembrandt (that's his first name, by the way), Van Gogh, El Greco, Renoir, Seurat (including Sunday Afternoon), and Monet, who I've quickly come to realize I like quite a bit. On Saturday, Matt and I found a babysitter in a couple from law school also living in Chicago and we enjoyed a day downtown by ourselves. The photojournal of our anniversary celebration went something like this:

Playing dress up (the nails and the hairstyle didn't work out, but the dress and shoes worked out wonderfully).

A mint chocolate cupcake reminiscent of our mint chocolate wedding cake.

Which we ate by the river where mega construction was going on. We'd never seen the bridges up before.

A trip to Merchandise Mart which is a giant home improvement showroom (well, four floors anyway). The showrooms were closed, but we could still peak in windows and dream about redecorating the house we don't yet own.

Then a quick jaunt to River North to follow up on the recommendation of a Belgian Chocolatier.

Five years ago to the day, Matt and I were wandering around Chicago at night on our honeymoon and we stumbled into Fado's Irish pub for drinks and dessert, so we returned again for a few pre-dinner drinks. We planned to end the evening with dinner at a pub near the train station that Matt had heard good things about and the ambiance looked like a place you go when you're kid-free. We arrived only to discover that they weren't open on Saturdays (what kind of pub isn't open on weekends?!) So we scurried frantically around the city, trying to find something open (we learned that the financial district, where the train station is, is pretty dead on the weekends), passing by closed restaurant after closed restaurant. We didn't have enough time to get dinner outside of the financial district and return before the train left, so it came down to Cosi (a primarily lunch restaurant that was open late) and McDonalds. We settled on Cosi.

Eating dinner out, alone, without trying to entertain a bored toddler who doesn't eat anything a restaurant might serve was my goal, so I didn't mind. Plus the restaurant was almost empty and I enjoyed the quiet time with just my husband.

It was the first time Matt and I have been downtown alone together and it was nice to explore. The 5th anniversary gift is wood and we plan to buy a headboard for our bed once we get settled in Michigan. 


Now time for a completely new topic for which I'll just lamely put up a boarder. All three of us are sick, so we are just playing it safe at home today. Abigail has not yet taken anymore steps since Tuesday, sad to say, but we're still hoping for something more consistent before she turns two (in about three weeks). In the meantime, I refold the laundry about six times a day:

I successfully managed to get bows in her piggy tails:

I bought spool of $1 clearance ribbon to use as a belt for Abigail (in order to get pants long enough, the waist is too big), and had enough left over for hair ribbons for her and a headband for me.

A little yarn lover in the making.

And I dared to open a window. Our lease stipulates (I kid you not), that we don't open our windows until May 31st, but I sneaked one open a bit early since the weather is so nice. Most of our neighbors had theirs open too, so if they want to write me up, they'll have to write up most of the building. If you're wondering why Emma's face is yellow, she stuck it in a pollinating lily. It used to look a lot worse, but she's been slowly bathing it off.

Abigail couldn't believe her luck when she corned two kitties.

Have a good week, everyone, and don't let the Mondays get you down.


Kate Sherwood said...

I love the photo of you two and the bows in Abigail's pigtails!

Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

Amelia said...

Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a fun celebration!