13 March 2013

A Board Game on a Wednesday

A few weeks ago, Abigail kicked Matt's ass in a rousing game of Pirates of the Caribbean themed Life. Her and I played on the same team and she picked the best ship (job), best pirate (salary), and best mascot (stock? maybe?). She loved it - spinning the spinner, moving her piece across the board, setting the money in a pile. We had fun too - a nice change of pace from the usual stacking of blocks. So when board games were on sale at Target, we picked up Candy Land. She likes to flip the cards over, point to the color block, and make her piece dance around the board. It's pretty cute.

This time last year, board and card games of any sort were an anathema. Matt was two months away from graduating law school, and as every family of a graduate student knows, there is no time for playing games that close to the end of the semester. Not that there is ever very much time for game playing in law school.

So Matt and I had this running joke that after the bar exam, we were going to play a game on a Wednesday. No classes, no case recitation, no papers, no presentation, no law review, no exams. We'd play Monopoly Deal or Oceania or Pirates of the Caribbean Life on a Wednesday, and how novel would that be?

Last year, the holidays, the spring, and the fall were hectic - the Sprint. The time in between required endurance - the Marathon. That long, low period that required just as much focus as milestones, but a significantly different type of stamina. All of life is kind of like that, not just in law school. The long, dark, post-December winters are the Marathon portions of life. When the mile markers are few and far between, when the clouds are thick and the air cold. You have to keep pushing yourself even though there is no end in sight.

That is where I am right now. There is nothing big and exciting going on, just the hum drum, indoor, bland routine of a housewife. There isn't much to write home about, or blog about, as it were. But unlike last year, now we get to play board games on Wednesdays.

And that is exactly what our life has become. Of course there are still dishes and bills and a looming stack of mortgage paperwork, sweeping and bread making and therapy. But there's time for Wednesday evening board games and Friday night card games now. We don't feel guilty when we go for last-minute family walks on the rare day when the sky is clear and the air is warm-ish. We plan trips to the zoo and dream of taking a family vacation one summer soon.

Family time in law school was a brief, carefully scheduled evening, just one night or afternoon a week. Now it's planned or spontaneous and sometimes takes priority over doing the taxes.

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