08 February 2013

Mental Struggles

There have been lots of struggles in our household lately, most of them mental. I haven't been sticking to my Rule of Life, instead frittering away my time online while Abigail pushes a plastic container across the hardwood floor, making the most obnoxious noise I ever did hear. Everything seems too daunting - cleaning the mountains stacks of dishes in the kitchen, occupying Abigail in her crib so I can pick up everything and sweep and Swiffer the floors, trying to make my own laundry detergent for the first time. Abigail and I aren't back 100% from our bout with the stomach flu and a lot of my to-dos are things I'm catching up from when I was too sick to do anything. But to be honest, I'm pretty sure my squashed work ethic is just in my head. I think I might need to spend a day or two just plain forcing myself to get stuff done, and hope that the drive comes back.

I also think we're entering some sort of Terrible Twos Prequel. Telling Abigail, "no" is a surefire way to get her to repeat the behavior over and over again. She's really into electrical cords, touching the radiators (the fact that she touched one when it was hot hasn't deterred her), and completely emptying the drawers in her dresser. She's teething, hates eating/meal time, and has mastered the art of the zipper and hereby refuses to wear a sweatshirt in this bitter cold weather we're experiencing. (A radiator in the master bedroom is not roped off).

But I don't think the problem is that I need a vacation or a date night or some me-time. Although all those things would be nice, I think the problem is that I'm still a little fatigued and achy from the flu and I need to push through it and clean the damn litter pan. So here's to a productive, balanced Friday. Getting the to-dos done, but not at the expense of active play with Abigail. I have my goals laid out and my reward for accomplishing them: a new nail polish color and an at-home spa night.

Good luck to me and Happy Friday to you!

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